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Discover the world of fluid transport that KSB makes possible with its pumps, valves and service offerings.

Read about the projects KSB is involved in. Where are KSB pumps and valves in operation around the world? What challenges does KSB tackle every day? And who are the people that work for the company? Find out about all of this and more in our KSB Magazine.

  1. KSB’s Powerhouse: small turnkey hydropower system

    The first turnkey Powerhouse is waiting for shipment at KSB’s Frankenthal factory.

    “In future, the Powerhouse will primarily be used to provide electricity in regions which have previously never been connected to the power grid.”

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  2. Three lives in one: fully in the service of KSB!

    Kevin Brandt reassembling a gear pump

    This switching between different lifestyles and types of work is precisely what Brandt enjoys about his current line of work.

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  3. Resistant to seawater and high pressures

    KSB Spider-Gleitringdichtung

    Having been successfully employed in KSB pumps for subsea vehicles, spider mechanical seals are now being used in the cooling systems of generators on wind power platforms.

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  4. High performance in major power station

    Major power station in Mannheim

    Passed the acid test: two power station valves have been tested under extreme conditions. Georg Bode and Roland Schmitt know the secret of the valves' high performance.

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  5. The standardised queen

    Two KSB employees discussing details

    With more than five million variants, the Etanorm standardised water pump is KSB's bestseller. Product manager Stephan Dohmen and plant manager Joachim Krusch explain the background behind the 'the mother of all standardised pumps', which has become a milestone in industrial history.

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  6. Philharmonie de Paris breaks new ground in wastewater removal efficiency


    The Philharmonie de Paris has set a new standard in the design and provision of world standard cultural facilities. The installation of  KSB’s SRL online lift station and Surpresschrom water system booster pumps have made a significant contribution towards energy efficiency and environmental responsibilities.

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