Well pump measurement by KSB – keeping an eye on energy costs in well systems

Submersible borehole pump efficiency is a crucial factor in groundwater pumping: Poor efficiency will cause high energy costs. KSB tests the pump in the well by means of special measurements and determines the pump’s overall efficiency.

UPA submersible borehole pumps UPA submersible borehole pumps KSB has carried out more than 4000 well pump measurements. The tests have revealed that one third of all measured submersible borehole pumps were operated at an overall efficiency below 40 percent. They used far too much energy and pumped the water uneconomically.

Well pump measurement by KSB Well pump measurement by KSB

Given that well pumps often run thousands of hours per year, improving the overall efficiency by even a small percentage will yield significant energy savings for the wells.

Often, the energy costs saved in a single year exceed the price of a new, optimised pump.

Benefits of KSB’s well pump measurement

KSB provides the operators of well systems with:

  • An exact overview of their submersible borehole pump’s efficiency
  • A reliable quantitative approach for lowering operating costs
  • A payback analysis providing facts for sound economical decisions
  • A clear statement on potential savings of energy costs for the well systems
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