Retrofit in practice – RPC Retrofit Kit from KSB

A new pump is not always required: With the RPC (Refinery Pump Cartridge) Retrofit Kit, KSB offers standardised upgrades for single-stage horizontal OH2 process pumps to API 610.

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A Retrofit solution is an excellent alterative to buying a new product, irrespective of the intended use; it is equally suitable for use in industry, in water supply and waste water disposal applications and in the power supply industry.

A retrofit solution could be the answer to the following problems:

  • How to achieve smoother operation and lower vibrations?
  • How to prolong the service life of mechanical seals and bearings?
  • How to increase your pumps' service lives?

How you can profit from retrofit solutions:

  • Retrofitting a blind stage can reduce energy consumption.
  • Using cellular surface wear rings achieves higher levels of efficiency while minimising wear.
  • Retrofitting a pump with mechanical seals makes for reliable operation while minimising energy consumption.

A real-life example: upgrade for OH2 process pumps

With the RPC (Refinery Pump Cartridge) Retrofit Kit, KSB offers standardised upgrades for single-stage horizontal OH2 pumps to API 610 (or ISO 13709).

Pump casing, impeller and drive remain unaffected, while all other pump components are replaced with new ones. The kit comprises a standardised, tried and tested bearing bracket as well as casing cover, shaft and impeller fastening elements. The design of these parts will be modified to match your pump during the retrofitting process. If required, the upgrade package also includes casing and impeller refurbishing.
With four kit sizes available, OH2 pumps can be retrofitted regardless of their brand.

Modifications to the piping system are not required, though it is sometimes necessary to shift the motor when retrofitting older pumps with single seals and a short overall length.

The RPC (Refinery Pump Cartridge) Retrofit Kit from KSB:

Features of the RPC Refinery Pump Cartridge Features of the RPC Refinery Pump Cartridge

  1. RPC features
  2. RPC benefits
  1. Confined, pre-loaded spiral-wound gasket with metal-to-metal contact
  2. Seal chamber to API 610, 11th edition, for the installation of mechanical seals to API 682, 3rd edition
  3. Heavy-duty 40° angular contact thrust bearings which exceed the requirements of the API 610 standard.
  4. Max. shaft diameter for minimal deflection and maximum service life
  5. Tried and tested labyrinth seals to KSB standard (INPROSEAL® optional)
  6. Low-vibration cast steel bearing bracket with integrated cooling fins and optional fan impeller to protect the unit from overheating. Four different bearing bracket sizes cover virtually all pump sizes.
  7. Optional: cooled/heatable casing cover models; compatible with all API plans
  8. Optional: hydraulic impeller optimisation to match individual operating conditions
  • Extended service lives
  • No modifications to the piping system
  • Cost savings as the casing, impeller and drive remain unaffected
  • Upon request the hydraulic system can be inspected and modified if and where required.
  • Max. shaft diameter for minimal deflection and maximum service life
  • Standardised stock of KSB spare parts – irrespective of OEM

In practical terms, KSB's RPC Retrofit Kit offers an ideal solution with real benefits.

You have the choice: inspection and retrofitting performed at KSB or on site. Regardless of your decision, a declaration of conformity in compliance with the Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) is of course included.

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