Elements of success: take on every challenge with Magnochem

KSB has further developed its standardised chemical pumps to leave them optimised for the challenges and customer requirement of today's market. The result is pumps that are well-equipped to take on any job and any challenge – pumps like Magnochem, whose innovative modular design system and first class reliability represent the basis for multiple patents pending.

The versatile magnetic drive pump continues the success of KSB's standardised chemical pumps. As KSB's second improved type series, Magnochem, available in numerous variants, meets the most stringent customer requirements.

Wide range of variants:

Magnochem features two new methods of circulating cooling/lubricating fluid in the rotor space. New operating modes such as a dead-end configuration variant for solids-laden fluids and a variant for low-boiling fluids significantly expand the series' spectrum of applications. A new auxiliary impeller prevents a drop in pressure and the resultant vaporisation of cooling/lubricating fluid, allowing critical fluids that require absolute operational safety to be handled with total control.

Alongside its versatility, Magnochem also provides maximum operating reliability. The reduced number of static seals and silicon carbide plain bearings with DLC coatings play an important role in ensuring Magnochem's operating reliability.

The plain bearings' new back-to-back configuration with thrust bearings arranged internally ensures that the bearing load is minimised. This further contributes to increased operating reliability and service life.

Energy efficiency: 

The magnetic coupling's unique and comprehensive modular design system makes maximum energy efficiency possible. Different magnetic coupling diameters and lengths for each hydraulic system size provide a whole host of design options  allowing Magnochem to be precisely tailored for the optimum operating point. The ceramic containment shroud also helps to reduce eddy current losses and, like the optimised hydraulic system, significantly increases Magnochem's efficiencies.

Innovative technology:

Magnochem offers numerous innovative features with levels of effectiveness warranting patent-pending status. Alongside the auxiliary impeller for the new operating modes and the magnetic coupling's comprehensive modular design system, the plain bearings' central arrangement with thrust bearings arranged internally constitutes a further design highlight which ensures maximum operating reliability.

But there is more: be prepared to discover the third element – more information is coming soon!

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