KSB SuPremE® – the world's most efficient magnet-less pump motor

An energy diet that is healthy for the environment and your budget: The KSB SuPremE® motor is an innovative drive solution for centrifugal pumps meeting tomorrow's ecobalance requirements already today. With no other pump drive can a system be run so leanly, allowing you at the same time to cut your energy costs by 70%.

Energy diet with the KSB SuPremE® motor
Energy diet with the KSB SuPremE® motor
KSB SuPremE®
KSB SuPremE®
KSB SuPremE®
KSB SuPremE®
KSB SuPremE®
KSB SuPremE®

Far ahead of its time

The KSB SuPremE® motor meets tomorrow’s IE4 efficiency requirements for electric motors (to IEC (CD) 60034-30 Ed. 2) already today, and hence exceeds the requirements of the European ErP Regulation for 2017. Especially in the part-load range the motor has major efficiency advantages over speed-controlled asynchronous motors.

Energy savings of 70 % or more are possible

The large efficiency gain of up to 60% due to speed control is increased even further by an energy saving of up to 30% in the motor alone.

Environmentally friendly

The motor's total environmental footprint is extremely small. Its non-use of magnetic materials makes it much more sustainable than permanent-magnet synchronous motors and asynchronous motors.

Durable and robust

The use of non-critical, durable materials, as well as the fully matured reluctance principle make the KSB SuPremE® motor a durable, reliable drive that is in no way inferior to other types of drive.

Compatible and quiet

The KSB SuPremE® is compatible with an IE2 asynchronous motor. Its patented rotor design ensures an extremely low level of torque ripple (1 to 2%) and accordingly quiet operation.

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