KSB partners – providing full, competent service

Full service in the event of technical problems – offered by KSB’s partners for pumps and systems. Our service partners provide fast and unbureaucratic aid in the event of failures, or consultancy when buying a pump.

KSB partners provide:

Full and competent services including

  • Commissioning
  • Inspection and servicing
  • Technical consultancy
  • Repair services – also for non-KSB pumps
  • Personal consulting
  • Sale of KSB products

KSB’s on-site service

KSB trains its service partners to ensure in-depth knowledge of our pumps. This is how we keep our partners up to date about hydraulic systems, mechanical components and electronics.

KSB contact finder

KSB’s contact finder represents an easy and fast way for customers to find the nearest KSB service partners but also contacts anywhere in the world.

This is how the contact finder works

In the provided drop-down menu, customers can choose their country, and then enter their post/zip code or, in France, the Département. After clicking on the search button, KSB’s contact finder will list the nearest KSB service partners.

Additional Information