KSB Delta Primo

KSB Delta Primo

Fully automatic package pressure booster system with two or three (VC) / four (F/SVP) vertical high-pressure pumps; available in cascade-controlled and two variable speed versions. Cascade (F) control for ensuring the required supply pressure. The frequency inverter operated VC and SVP versions ensure variable speed control of each pump via cabinet-mounted frequency inverter (VC) or PumpDrive variable speed system and KSB SuPremE motor (SVP), respectively, providing fully electronic control to ensure the required supply pressure. Automated with BoosterControl.
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Principali applicazioni

  • Pressure boosting

Dati tecnici

  • Max. flow rate65.4 m³/h
  • Max. head134 m
  • Max. allowed working pressure16 bar
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature60 °C


  • Suitable for drinking water installations as it has been manufactured under stringent hygienic conditions
  • Hygienic, optimised design without dead volumes
  • Ready to be installed, pre-set at the factory


  • D08A_16673599755-1_3
    Approved in accordance with the French drinking water regulation
  • D08A_16673599755-3_3
    Approved in accordance with the German drinking water regulation
  • D08A_16673599755-2_3
    Approved in accordance with the UK drinking water regulation
    United Kingdom

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KDP -F-2-002/060M5A013/00075 Kilogram48278603


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Dati tecnici

  • Connection typeExternal-thread connection
  • Drive conceptWith electric actuator
  • Max. flow rate65.4 m³/h
  • Min. flow rate0.2 m³/h
  • Max. head134 m
  • Min. head13 m
  • Function Intg software Ctrl utClosed-loop control
  • Mains frequency50 Hz
  • Mains voltage400 V
  • Casing material2700
  • Nominal pressurePN 16
  • Max. allowed working pressure16 bar
  • Suction behaviourNon-self-priming
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature60 °C
  • Min. allowed fluid temperature2 °C

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