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Refreshments by KSB – economical all-round solutions for the beverage industry

KSB pumps are optimally matched to the requirements of sterile process engineering and ideal for the various processes of beverage production. A good example is the production of beer. KSB matches each transport task with an optimum pump, from the central brewing process right through to the diverse auxiliary and cleaning processes.

Breweries use KSB products for water treatment, in the brewhouse, in the fermentation or filtration cellar, in the filling plant and for CIP/SIP routines. Like in all industries, efficiency is a must: Full transparency can be provided by fitting Vitacast and Vitachrom pumps with a PumpMeter. This allows you to keep an eye on all key parameters. The pumps can be automated with a PumpDrive to make sure they run in an efficient operating mode. That aside, all pumps are optimally matched to the system they are used in.

KSB products for the beverage industry

KSB products for the beverage industry

BrewDog craft beer is made with a reliable all-round solution from KSB

Brewing beer requires experts. This is the reason BrewDog chooses KSB. KSB completely fitted the new brewhouse of the Scottish brewery with professional, hygienic pump equipment.

  • The brewhouse uses KSB’s Etachrom, Etabloc, KWP and Movitec pumps.
  • In the recently extended cellar, Vitachrom, Vitacast, Vitaprime and Vitalobe pumps meet the strict hygiene requirements for handling the end product.

KSB’s efficient and hygienic pumps allow optimised batch operation in the plant and reduce the subsequent downtime to an absolute minimum.

Reference project BrewDog Craft Beer

Brewery BrewDog
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Enjoying beer in Vietnam – with Sapporo and KSB’s all-round solutions

The Japanese brewery giant Sapporo supplies premium beer in bottles, cans and 20-litre kegs in Long An, Vietnam. With their hygienic design KSB pumps contribute significantly to environmentally friendly solutions.

  • Vita pumps ensure that hygienic requirements are met. They help to increase the shelf life of the end product and optimise cleaning processes.
  • Etachrom NC (L), made of deep-drawn chrome nickel steel, is perfectly suited to pumping contaminated and aggressive fluids without abrasive substances.
  • The special design of the Etabloc pump makes it the ideal choice wherever space is at a premium.

Reference project Sapporo Vietnam Brewery in Long An

FAMIX, Locher and KSB – triple strength for pure enjoyment

Renowned plant engineer FAMIX developed and built a new production facility for the Locher brewery in Appenzell. With competent on-site consultancy, long-standing experience and tailor-made special solutions KSB ticked all the boxes as a partner for this project.

  • The plant produces soft drinks as well as beer mixes. This requires particularly gentle fluid handling and a high level of expertise in hygienic design in order to prevent microbiological contamination. Vitacast is perfectly suited to sterile processes thanks to its EHEDG-conforming design and optimum cleanability.
  • Space-saving Etachrom BC (B) pumps in close-coupled design are used in the brewery’s bottle rinsing unit.
  • In-line production of mixed beverages is a challenging task for a pump. KSB’s Vitacast rises to this task with ease, and at top efficiencies.

Reference project Famix

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Why choose Etachrom?

With its Etachrom L / B KSB offers the beverage industry a true all-rounder – reliable, easy to service and energy-efficient.
Etachrom covers a broad range of applications: It is used wherever aggressive or clean fluids need to be pumped. From drinking water, service water, hot water or cooling water to condensate, oil and cleaning agents – Etachrom is the reliable solution for the toughest of requirements. 

Benefits at a glance:

  • Wetted components made of stainless steel (1.4571)
  • Maintenance-free mechanical seal to EN 12756
  • Easy to dismantle due to back pull-out design
  • Replaceable casing wear rings
  • Optimised hydraulic system for high efficiency
  • Impeller trimmed to match the specified duty point
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