"Inseparable - Etaline ensures perfect room temperatures on the go"

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Munich Airport relies on Etaline

With a capacity of around 50 million passengers a year, Munich Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe. There’s a high demand for heating and cooling which varies over the course of the day – so the pumps often run at part load. The ideal solution for Munich Airport comes from KSB: Altogether more than 200 KSB Etaline pumps combined with PumpDrive ensure demand-driven and energy-efficient operation. With its vertical and horizontal variants, Etaline can be adapted to every installation condition. At Munich Airport, it is also installed at a height of 2 to 3 meters, directly into the piping system.

Etaline – the flexible in-line pump for a wide range of applications

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Flange connections to EN, optionally drilled to ASME
  • Standardised mechanical seal from codes 6 to 11 available as standard
  • Replaceable casing wear rings
  • Low vibration levels and very smooth running
  • Confined casing gasket
  • Designed for operating pressures of up to 16 bar
  • Also available in twin-pump design Etaline Z – for maximum operating reliability
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Why Etaline?

As all pumps of the Eta family, Etaline has a long service life and is reliable and flexible. Thanks to its large range of materials and variants, it covers all applications in heating and air-conditioning. But the decisive factor for using Etaline pumps at Munich Airport was their excellent energy efficiency in combination with PumpDrive:

  • Multiple pump operation
  • Dynamic pressure compensation function
  • Characteristic curve control
  • Flow rate estimation
  • Functions package for waste water applications
  • Dual-pump management
  • Ratings from 0.37 kW to 1.4 MW
  • Several mounting options
  • Various field bus modules

Maximum transparency

Frequency inverter operation along with PumpDrive and PumpMeter offers particularly large savings: Since the pumps at Munich Airport cover fluctuating demand and are often run at part load, demand-drive operation with intelligent pump control pays off.

> Find out more about PumpMeter 

If PumpMeter indicates optimisation potential, then it's worth doing a Pump Operation Check. KSB's energy efficiency experts will evaluate the load profile measured by the pump monitoring unit. On this basis, they will provide concrete tips and recommend courses of action for increasing the availability and efficiency of the analysed pump.

Saving energy with the world‘s most efficient magnet-less pump motor

Etaline achieves maximum energy efficiency when it is operated not only in combination PumpMeter and PumpDrive, but also with the KSB SuPremE® IE4 motor. The KSB SuPremE® meets the IE4 efficiency requirements already today, enabling major savings to be made. It’s higher efficiencies pay off, especially in the part-load range. While efficiency at full load is 4 % higher than that of the previously used IE2 motor, it rises up to 24 % already at a flow rate that is reduced to 25 %.

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KSB Sonolyzer

Checking energy efficiency with the KSB Sonolyzer® for smartphones

Use our free App to find out, in just a few seconds, whether your pump has savings potential. Simply hold the smartphone to the motor and Sonolyzer will detect from the sound of the motor whether the operating point is inside or outside of the part-load range.

Ask for an analysis of your system

You achieve maximum energy efficiency when your hydraulic system is optimised as a whole. With our FluidFuture® energy efficiency concept, we can help you make full use of your system’s energy savings potential. Consult our specialists to get individual advice.

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