"Inseparable – clean water is a crystal-clear success for Eta and me"

Diary Eta and I in the afternoon

Etabloc at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort

The Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is one of the finest hotels in the world. To keep the lagoon swimming pool clean at all times, 23,000 m3 of water have to be pumped through a filtration system to ensure impeccably clean bathing pleasure. Pump technology from KSB was the obvious choice for the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. Key factors in the decision were KSB’s uncompromising quality and the all-in system solution, with 31 Etabloc pumps playing a crucial role.

Integrated solutions – KSB cleans up with filtration

KSB filtration

Where every centimetre counts, Etabloc shows its strength

The pump and motor are connected in one compact unit and the design is extremely space-saving. When used in a filtration system, Etabloc especially impresses with regard to servicing and maintenance. The entire design is geared towards making installation, removal and maintenance as quick and easy as possible. Furthermore, we offer maximum availability of spare parts, To reduce costs and simplify ordering, spare parts kits can also be purchased.

Why Etabloc?

  • Etabloc does not have a separate coupling, so that there is no need for alignment
  • All sizes are fitted with forcing screws, making it much easier to remove the casing cover
  • The enlarged seal chamber in the conical casing cover provides better access and more room for installation/removal and maintenance work
  • In addition, the number of spare parts is reduced and the main components are standardised. The casing wear rings are easy to replace and reduce wear on the impeller, casing and casing cover. This means lower maintenance costs for you
Why Etabloc

KSB original spare parts

Complete spare parts kits are available for Eta pumps. Use these service packages, which for example include gaskets, bearings and impellers, and save up to 30% on the prices for individual parts. Even better, the spare parts kits are easy to order and available at short notice.

KSB original spare parts
From a single source

From a single source: your partner for pumps, valves and service

The ideal addition to the service-friendly and maintenance-friendly Etabloc: professional service from KSB for every stage of your equipment’s life cycle. From installation and commissioning to inspections, maintenance and repairs either on site or at one of over 170 service centres worldwide: as your reliable service partner for all rotating equipment, we are at your side with over 3,000 experts around the clock.

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