Eta and I – simply inseparable!

Eta is part of our daily life, without us even realising it. Whether we're drinking coffee with sugar in it, spending time in an air-conditioned room or relaxing in a swimming pool, Eta is everywhere we go. Complex processes are often behind the everyday things in

life and the Eta pump family helps to make sure that these aspects which we take for granted simply work so smoothly. Read about a day in the life with Eta and discover the many things that this KSB pump family does for us and why we are simply inseparable.

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Eta in the morning

Would you ever have thought that Etanorm plays a role in your morning coffee?

Sugar production is just one of a whole host of different applications in which Etanorm is employed all over the world. Find out how this pump helps to sweeten our daily life and discover the benefits that make Eta the world's best-selling standardised water pump.

Eta on tour

Would you ever have thought that Etaline is your silent companion on the go?

With a capacity of around 50 million passengers a year, Munich Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe. Various types and sizes of Etaline are giving energy-efficient and reliable service in the airport buildings, the outlying grounds and in the energy supply facility. See for yourself how Etaline creates a pleasant room atmosphere in your daily life.

Eta in the afternoon

Would you ever have thought that clean water is a crystal-clear success for Etabloc?

The Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is one of the finest hotels in the world. To keep the lagoon swimming pool clean at all times, 23,000 m3 of water have to be pumped through a filtration system to ensure impeccably clean bathing pleasure. Find out how Etabloc ensures pure bathing pleasure.

Eta at home

Would you ever have thought that there’s no place like home with Eta SYT?

Kronospan Schweiz AG is one of the leading manufacturers of wood-based materials and sets industry standards for environmentally friendly production. Pumps from the new generation of the Etanorm SYT range offer the highest level of operating reliability in the production system. Discover how Eta SYT is used in the production of parquet flooring.

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The Eta pump family keeps the world on the move

KSB's Eta pumps keep the world on the move with unrivalled product and service diversity as standard. Learn more about Eta pumps on the KSB Website.

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