Smart factory: products and services in operation

With KSB, you profit today from the benefits of Industry 4.0. To this end, it is key that products no longer be considered as separate entities, but as being able to be combined with other products and services to realise smart all-in solutions. The basis for this is smart data: KSB provides you with relevant, valuable information on your system that can be accessed on different platforms.

What makes products and services smart in operation

Industry 4.0 entails networking products and services to create the Internet of Things and Services. To achieve this, information, functions and services must be available any time and anywhere. Improve the productivity of your system with intelligent products and processes. 

Automatic speed control with PumpDrive

PumpDrive continually matches the pump's speed and therefore the head to actual system demand. Energy savings of up to 60 percent can be achieved, particularly if a system has fluctuating demand.


  • Straightforward connection to the control system via field bus modules: Profibus DP, Modbus RTU, LON, BACnet TCP/IP and Profinet
  • Integrated Bluetooth module


  • The parameters are set at the factory based on the specific pump and motor data.
  • Indication of operating data

Functions and services

  • Multiple pump operation (up to six pumps with full redundancy)
  • Operating time or age-based service intervals
  • Compensating for flow rate-dependent pipe friction losses via the dynamic pressure compensation function
  • Differential pressure control and sensorless dry running protection
  • Efficient with sleep mode and energy savings meter
  • Characteristic curve control and integrated operating point estimation
  • Integrated dual-pump management
  • Functional check run
  • Function packages for pressure boosting and waste water applications

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The PumpDrive variable speed system ensures maximum energy efficiency and reliability in the smart factory.

FlowManager app ─ smart service for smart products

The FlowManager app turns a smartphone into a remote control for PumpDrive, which can be controlled by an integrated wireless module via Bluetooth. In addition, the smart app makes all data and information available via mobile devices. The app is a digital twin of the smart pump set, enabling maximum ease of maintenance, fast commissioning and more.

Data based on

  • Monitoring of operating data
  • Management of data
  • Commissioning assistant: quick and easy commissioning

Connection to platforms

  • The app is available on mobile devices
  • Uses the digital twin of the smart pump set 
Optimum operating point with KSB FlowManager

MyFlow Technology – reduced complexity, increased reliability

MyFlow Technology allows you to achieve the same output with fewer pump casing variants. The unique drive solution for constant flow applications also offers additional benefits, such as greater planning reliability by adjusting the operating point to individual requirements with a single click via the FlowManager app.

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Reduce complexity with MyFlow Technology.

KSB Guard – smart overview of your pumps at all times

Maintenance only needs to be performed when it is actually necessary: KSB Guard helps you determine maintenance intervals with greater accuracy. After all, it monitors all of your pumps and relays measurement data on an hourly basis that you can conveniently access on your computer or smartphone.

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KSB Guard monitors your pumps.
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FluidFuture®: the energy-saving concept for your system

To help you maximise energy efficiency in your system, we offer smart products and services as well as comprehensive system optimisation. We look at the system as a whole and realise maximum savings for your hydraulic system in four steps.

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