Smart factory: products and services for analysis

The smart solutions from KSB allow you to profit from Industry 4.0 developments today. The main idea is to no longer view products separately, but instead holistically and networked with services and other products. At the heart of this is smart data: KSB provides you with relevant, valuable information on the operation of your system that can be accessed on different platforms.

What turns products and services into smart analysis tools

Industry 4.0 entails networking products and services to create the Internet of Things and Services. To achieve this, information, functions and services must be available any time and anywhere. Leverage intelligent analyses of your products and processes to improve your productivity.

KSB Sonolyzer® app reveals optimisation potential

The app quickly identifies energy savings potential ─ free of charge ─ by analysing the noise frequency of a fixed-speed asynchronous motor.

Provision of smart data:

  • Free initial assessment of whether an efficiency check is worthwhile
  • Unique estimation algorithm developed by KSB
  • Analysis result shows whether the operating point is in the part-load range

Connection to platforms:

  • Contact with the KSB expert responsible for your location by phone or e-mail
  • Available free for Android and Apple
  • Runs on smartphones, tablets and protected devices for potentially explosive atmospheres

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KSB Sonolyzer app helps you save energy.

Total transparency – with the PumpMeter pump monitoring unit

PumpMeter is the intelligent pump monitoring unit from KSB that continuously measures the suction and discharge pressures of your pump to establish the pump’s operating point and optimise operation.

Provision of smart data:

  • Transparency of pump data with PumpMeter
  • Automatic analysis of load profile
  • Suggestions for optimisation from KSB experts
  • Comprehensive report of findings including economic efficiency analysis

Connection to platforms:

  • Analysis via a web front end

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PumpMeter measures the suction and discharge pressures of your pump.
The products are fully digitalised in the cloud-based environment.

Optimise pump operation with the Pump Operation Check (MPO)

The Pump Operation Check in multiple pump operation (POC 4 MPO) allows you to analyse the energy efficiency of your multiple pump system. To this end, PumpMeter records the operating data of the pump sets and saves it in the cloud. You can easily access the optimisation recommendations online. The POC (Pump Operation Check) offers a corresponding analysis of single-pump applications.

Provision of smart data:

  • Reading the load profile (pressure, speed) recorded by PumpMeter during operation
  • Analysing the operating range of fixed-speed, dry-installed pumps
  • Identifying potentials for optimisation and deriving recommendations for action to improve efficiency
  • Report of findings with recommendations for optimisation
  • Vibration analysis
  • On request: quotation for implementation

Connection to platforms:

  • Live measurement data view on portal
  • Data export
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FluidFuture®: the energy-saving concept for your system

To help you maximise energy efficiency in your system, we offer smart products and services as well as comprehensive system optimisation. We look at the system as a whole and realise maximum savings for your hydraulic system in four steps.

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