KSB as Partner 4.0

Our smart products and services are proof that we are not waiting until tomorrow to practise Industry 4.0, but are doing so today. In addition, we continuously enhance our future-oriented solutions in product development, in pilot projects and in cooperation with our partners. We are working to leverage further networking potential using the cloud in order to come closer to achieving maximum productivity in the smart factory. Here the digital twin integrates available information from different sources throughout the product life cycle.

Smart pump technology for the megatrends of tomorrow

Megatrends such as urbanisation, population growth and climate change will also present new challenges for pump technology, making proactive research and development at KSB vital. Teams of KSB experts worldwide are working on digital networking of hydraulic systems, for example. As Partner 4.0, KSB cooperates with universities, research institutes and partner companies to analyse trends, adapt technologies and develop future-oriented business models in start-up projects.

KSB paves the way to the smart factory.

Smart home, smart city: KSB as a smart partner

KSB has been working with other companies on Industry 4.0 in various working groups and associations for more than a decade. The industry has taken on a pioneering role in digitalisation, but KSB is also involved with smart solutions in other applications. As a smart partner, KSB is today working in all areas to meet the customer requirements of tomorrow – with innovative products and services.

Data saved in the cloud facilitates service

Smart maintenance in action: pump data in the cloud

Quick and easy access to pump data: With a pilot project for smart Equipment Management KSB meets the requirements of many service engineers. The data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed on a tablet or smartphone using the QR code on the pump set. This makes not only technical data directly accessible, but also the entire pump history, maintenance measures and test reports with photos.

KSB and SAP: smart cooling for the cloud

If your data is in the cloud, then there is a good chance that it is actually stored at St. Leon-Rot Data Centre operated by SAP, the leading innovator for enterprise software. Here, customer data is stored with utmost security, though the enormous amounts of computing power do generate a lot of heat. As a stable cooling supply is essential for the centre’s operation, SAP places its trust in technology from KSB.

KSB and SAP have combined their standards of technological excellence in a pioneering Industry 4.0 application: PumpMeter and PumpDrive send a pump’s current operating status and the pump history into the cloud to SAP’s Remote Service Management via integrated interfaces. This will allow system-wide status monitoring, fault detection and the prediction of potential breakdowns. KSB and SAP employ this concept to exploit the potential of Industry 4.0 to ensure the availability of cooling at the Data Centre.

Smart pump sets allow KSB to ensure the cooling supply at the Data Centre. PumpMeter and PumpDrive are connected to SAP’s Remote Service Management.

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