Industry 4.0: We have experience with the future

Digitalisation and intelligent networking make systems operate more flexibly, more efficiently and more reliably. In short: the smart factory increases the productivity of your system. KSB offers a number of smart products and services. From the KSB Sonolyzer® mobile app that uses motor noise to identify potential savings to the KSB Guard pump monitoring system – they all have one thing in common: they supply information and provide functions in the form of the digital twin.

Optimum productivity thanks to smart networking

With the smart factory, we are entering an industrial revolution in productivity and flexibility, with the focus being placed on the ability to adapt production quickly and efficiently in response to changing conditions and new orders – even for lot size 1.

Requirements for your systems in the age of Industry 4.0

  • Resource efficiency and optimised use of materials
  • Availability and operating reliability
  • Greater flexibility
  • Reduction of time to market

More than pump data: the digital twin as a cloud solution

The core element of the smart factory for us is the digital twin as a cloud-based solution, whereby each physical pump set has its own digital copy that portrays it. This twin registers every change in the real product and serves as a central source of information for further cloud services. This digital twin has standardised interfaces that form the basis for networking with other devices and systems as well as give rise to further digitalisation.

To ensure that different users and functions from various divisions of the company have access to the digital twin during every process step, it is available in the cloud. As such, it provides anytime access to information on the operating status or history file on mobile devices, either through direct connection to the device or via cloud services. All data is also protected against unauthorised access and data loss. 

The products are fully digitalised in the cloud-based environment.
Smart pumps are part of Production 4.0.

Smart products for operation and analysis

Our smart products allow you to adapt operation decentrally, automatically and autonomously as well as provide functions and information via network interfaces. This, in turn, lets smart solutions improve efficiency, reliability and flexibility, as well as reducing time to market. By making valuable information available, smart pumps also become nodes in the networks at the smart factory.

A smart pump set consists of a pump and drive as well as the PumpDrive variable speed system and the system for monitoring pumps – KSB Guard – or the PumpMeter pump monitoring unit. The principle underlying this is one of the fundamental ideas of Production 4.0: sensors and control systems are integrated directly into the product.

Three key points of KSB solutions:

KSB products can be networked in different ways: they are either static and passive through a QR code on the pump, which is read by mobile devices, or dynamic and active through the provision of process data in real time via network connections.

Smart products can be uniquely identified digitally via their serial number, and you can access relevant information at any time.

Functions and services
Smart products automatically optimise their operation by actively controlling the operating mode, for example, and provide the relevant information in the digital twin for Production 4.0.

Smart services for operation and analysis

Smart services are based on valuable information such as electronic history files or mobile condition monitoring of networked products. This smart data enables efficiency increases during servicing and maintenance, for example. This allows you to profit from increased resource efficiency, availability and flexibility.

  • Connection to platforms: Service data is made available on platforms and mobile devices. Every process and every change to the product is recorded digitally.
  • Smart data for the Internet of Things: Industry 4.0 is less about simply collecting data – big data – than about being able to benefit from relevant knowledge with direct application to the Internet of Things. This is why we always focus on data security at KSB.

Smart data collection creates genuine added value.

The new industrial revolution

The fourth industrial revolution entails a profound change in industrial value creation. With the advent of the Internet of Things and Services, the mechanical, electric and electronic transformation of industry is now being followed by comprehensive digital networking: Industry 4.0. This combines real-world production and digital processes to create cyber-physical systems. In the Industry 4.0 vision, these encompass the entire system and all processes – also referred to as a smart factory. KSB is your ideal partner on your way to Economy 4.0: As a founding member of the technology initiative SmartFactoryKL, we offer you solutions of the future today – in the form of smart pump technologies.

Digitalisation – the fourth phase of the industrial revolution


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