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Hot technology for hot boards: Innovative KSB technology for handling thermal oils

Producing particleboard requires high temperatures – KSB and its high-performance heat transfer fluid pumps make sure the thermal oil used is transported smoothly.

Swiss Kronospan site, Menznau

1. Customer

Kronospan Schweiz AG is part of the Swiss Krono Group, a leading company specialised in producing and refining wood-based materials. The company's facilities in Menznau produce particleboard and fibreboard for furniture and interior finishings as well as high-density fibreboard (HDF) for laminate flooring. Since 1969, when the first chipboard left the factory, the company has trusted in KSB pumps for handling thermal oils – a long partnership that is still going strong.

2. Project

Producing wood-based chipboard is quite a hot process: First, the wood chips are dried in a rotating drum with hot gases at temperatures around 350 °C. After the dry chips have been bound together, they are pressed to form the actual board. This requires temperatures of up to 285 °C.

To be able to use such high temperatures continuously and evenly, thermal oils are used. At Kronospan the oil is heated up using recycled wood, which is burnt in a special wood energy production system. Once the oil is heated, it is transported to the production facility.

KSB Etanorm SYT heat transfer fluid pump

KSB Etanorm SYT heat transfer fluid pump

3. Challenge

What was special about this project were the tough demands the production process places on the thermal circuit – especially the high temperatures that would be enormously challenging for any pump system. The fluid to be handled was mineral thermal oil of the type Transcal N, which is characterised by a high thermal stability and a good thermal conductivity. Transporting such thermal oils in these temperature ranges requires pumps of extraordinary robustness and maximum operating reliability.

KSB Etanorm SYT heat transfer fluid pump

KSB Etanorm SYT heat transfer fluid pump

4. Solution

In the Kronospan facilities in Menznau, located in the Lucerne hinterland, more than 50 heat transfer fluid pumps made by KSB carry out their responsible task. The heating and control circuits alone are fitted with 40 Etanorm SYA and Etanrom RSY pumps of various sizes. In the main

energy centre, which was inaugurated in February 2010, the modern plant is equipped with another six Etanorm SYA and three Etanorm RSY pumps as well as pumps of the new KSB type series Etanorm SYT. Another four Etanorm SYA and Etanorm RSY pumps were installed as part of modification work at the heat energy supply system in the production facilities.

When the heat is on, experts are needed – for example Etanorm SYT with the new VenJet® venting feature. These systems are perfectly prepared for their hot and oily work. KSB’s patent-pending VenJet® venting contour ensures that the gases contained in the fluid handled can be separated and collected in a different chamber. This allows them to be released in a controlled manner via a screw plug. The pumps are especially sturdy in design and remain torsion-resistant, also in hot temperatures. Further benefits of Etanorm are its low heat transfer to the bearing bracket, low maintenance requirements and, as a result, its excellent operating reliability.

The pilot pump is an Etanorm SYT 150-400 with a flow rate of 470 m³/h, a head of 46 m and a remarkable efficiency of 83.8 %. For decades KSB service specialists have been supporting the site with great care to prevent failures and costly downtimes. The proven benefits of Etanorm SYT are more than ready for the future.

Data I Facts I Figures

  • The company: Kronospan Schweiz AG
  • Founded: 1966
  • Employees: 434 (April 2010)
  • Production of particleboard: 410,000 m3/year
  • Production of medium-density fibreboard (MDF): 223,000 m3/year
  • Engineering contractor: Ness Wärmetechnik GmbH, Remshalden
  • General planning: Richard Kablitz & Mitthof GmbH, Lauda-Königshofen
  • KSB type series used: Various Etanorm models, some with VenJet® venting contour
  • Fluid handled: Thermal oil type Transcal N
  • Operating temperature: 280 to 290 ºC
  • Commissioned: February 2011

KSB : un des leaders du marché mondial des pompes et de la robinetterie industrielles

Fondée en 1871 à Frankenthal (Allemagne), l’entreprise KSB compte parmi les principaux fabricants de pompes et de robinetterie industrielles depuis plus d’un siècle. Avec plus de 15 500 employés dans le monde entier ainsi que ses propres filiales, sites de production et entreprises de Service, KSB développe et fabrique des pompes sur mesure destinées aux applications les plus diverses.

Les produits du fabricant de pompes expérimenté sont utilisés dans les domaines du bâtiment et de l’industrie, du transport de l’eau et de l’épuration des eaux usées ainsi que dans les processus des centrales électriques. Grâce à un programme innovant de recherche et de développement, KSB est en mesure de satisfaire les exigences les plus variées de sa clientèle. Le fabricant de pompes KSB est renommé pour sa grande expérience et son savoir-faire technique.

Le fabricant de pompes KSB : la solution idéale pour votre installation
Les pompes et la robinetterie industrielles de KSB se prêtent à une large gamme d’applications et offrent un excellent rendement énergétique. Les produits KSB se caractérisent par une technique très innovante et font leurs preuves depuis de nombreuses années dans des installations. C’est le cas notamment de la pompe à eau normalisée Etanorm : avec plus de 1,5 million de groupes motopompes vendus, ce modèle compte parmi les pompes à eau normalisées ayant le plus de succès au niveau mondial.

Les pièces de rechange et les prestations de Service de KSB garantissent la sécurité de fonctionnement des pompes et de la robinetterie industrielles de la marque. L’hydraulique, le génie des matériaux et l’automatisation sont les atouts technologiques du fabricant de pompes KSB et c’est là que réside la clé du succès de ses pompes haute performance.

Un Service compétent dès le début
Grâce à ses nombreux sites de production, le fabricant de pompes KSB assure la proximité avec ses clients et leur garantit un Service de très haut niveau. Des spécialistes certifiés, riches d’une longue expérience, sont les garants d’une excellente qualité. Le Service KSB prend en charge la mise en service, l’inspection, l’entretien et la maintenance de vos pompes, de votre robinetterie et de l’ensemble de vos installations directement sur site. KSB assure également la livraison rapide de pièces de rechange pour vous fournir directement le meilleur Service possible.