FluidFuture® saves energy: our success stories speak for themselves

The main goal we pursue with our FluidFuture® efficiency concept is to maximise energy savings for our customers. Our customer satisfaction and the figures say it all – see for yourself!

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Palazzo Grassi

Energy savings of 30 % – thanks to KSB’s comprehensive portfolio

  • KSB supplied a complete range of pumps and valves for heating, air-conditioning, water and sanitation systems

  • The main criterion was the high efficiency of the pumps fitted with KSB SupremE® IE5* motor, PumpDrive variable speed system and PumpMeter pump monitoring unit
  • From a single source: KSB also carried out maintenance of some of the older pumps

Palazzo Grassi

Palazzo Grassi


Energy savings of 28 % – by pump optimisation with KSB PumpMeter

  • As part of AUDI’s power management, we have optimised the pump system of the emulsion supply system.
  • Our PumpMeter pump monitoring units revealed potential energy and cost savings during operation.
  • The system can now be operated with only 3 instead of 6 Etanorm pumps.

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Saving 73 % of energy – while providing availability and reliability in SAP data centres

  • KSB could impress with an optimally matched system of pumps, valves and automation
  • The in-house developed world class KSB SuPremeE® motor paired up with an intelligent speed control system is ideal for changing requirements
  • The KSB SuPremeE® motor exceeds the efficiency offered by an IE3 motor when it comes to part-load ranges.

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60 % energy input saved – through a new pump test facility

  • KSB’s optimisation measures were to make the water treatment efficient and reliable.
  • The new pump test facility uses flexible KSB Movitec pumps.
  • The pumps are automated with PumpMeter and PumpDrive.
  • Commissioning was easy and smooth with the Plug & Run system.

*IE4 in accordance with IEC (CD) 60034-30 Ed. 2

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Miele & Cie.KG

40 % less energy needed – thanks to a new refrigeration system in the Gütersloh plant.

  • The new system comprises KSB pumps Etanorm and Etaline.
  • All pumps are automated with PumpMeter and PumpDrive.
  • Continuous pump operation is ensured by the world's most efficient magnet-less pump motor, the KSB SuPremE® IE4 motor.
  • This has reduced CO2 emissions by 400 tonnes per year.

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Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH

53 % reduction of power consumption – by generally overhauling the district heating system.

  • We have optimised the system and replaced the control unit.
  • The system was planned and commissioned by KSB.
  • The system now uses demand-driven KSB Multitec pumps.
  • The optimisation provides maximum transparency in the control room.

Download reference project (PDF)

Solvay Fluor GmbH

25 % less energy costs – by modernising the recooling plant in Bad Wimpfen.

  • We analysed the system using the KSB System Efficiency Service.
  • This led to a scenario-based optimisation of the recooling plant.
  • Everything from a single source: the modernisation comprised all aspects, including staff training.
  • As a result, the customer saves € 20,700 per year.

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Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG_thumbnail

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

90 % energy savings – by optimising the cooling lubricant circuit of grinding machines.

  • The fixed speed pumps have been replaced by Etanorm pumps in high-end design with PumpMeter, PumpDrive and KSB SuPremE® IE4* motor.
  • The check valves have been replaced by pneumatic butterfly valves.
  • The control system for part load operation has been updated.

Download reference project (PDF)

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