Efficient operation with leading-edge technology and expertise

Maximum energy savings during operation are achieved by highly efficient systems, comprising pumps, drives, valves and automation solutions from KSB. Intelligent pump technology autonomously optimises the operation, matching it to the demand. Continuous monitoring ensures major savings also in the long term.

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Maximum savings by innovative pump and valve technology

Modernste Hydraulik

State-of-the-art hydraulic system for best efficiencies

A key aspect of efficient operation is the design of the hydraulic system. Through intensive research and development KSB’s pumps have reached very high efficiencies. Computer-based simulation helps us understand and control flow processes. The outcome: low energy consumption, high hydraulic efficiency, and a high output per size. 

Saving energy with first-class drive technology and pump control system

Maximum savings during operation are achieved by KSB pump sets comprising the world’s most efficient magnet-less IE4* pump motor KSB SuPremE® and a PumpDrive frequency inverter. The latter adjusts the flow rate automatically and continuously to the actual demand of the system, reducing costs by up to 60 %. The pump set further offers the following benefits:

  • High efficiency, even at part load
  • Integrated multiple-pump operation
  • Dynamic pressure setpoint compensation function minimises pipe friction losses
  • Sleep mode
  • Other valuable functions
Absperrventil BOA-H

Highly efficient valves. Superior design.

In an optimised system the valves, too, are tailored to specific requirements. Benefit from the advanced globe, butterfly and swing check valves such as BOA-H and SERIE 2000:

  • Excellent zeta values
  • Easy-to-insulate BOA-H
  • Savings of up to 50 % with all three valve types

Making savings with continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring of system parameters ensures higher energy efficiencies also in the long term. Intelligent automation and pump control systems from KSB provide the necessary transparency with comprehensive information and a large range of connection options.

PumpMeter pump monitoring unit


  • Analog interface or Modbus RTU
  • Further field buses, e.g. Profibus, can be used via gateways

PumpDrive frequency inverter:


  • Characteristic curve control and operating point estimation
  • Flow rate estimation
  • Flexible connection via Modbus RTU, Profibus DP, LON BACnet TCP/IP, ProfiNet or Ethernet
  • Energy savings meter

Managing energy systematically

The availability of current, precise as-is information enables FluidFuture® to monitor energy efficiency successfully. Our systematic approach can be perfectly integrated in a PDCA

(Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle. This makes FluidFuture® an optimum starting point for energy management to EN 16001 / ISO 50001.


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