On track to success with professional commissioning

Pump installation is a critical step in optimising a system. KSB and its 3000 service specialists support you with expert installation and commissioning, making sure that operation is reliable and efficient. Further assistance is available to you through the special functions integrated in KSB products and our own software tools.

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Everything from a single source: competent service for your pump installation

We help you install your pumps with our unique service – for maximum reliability and optimised costs:

  • On-site installation and alignment for precision during start-up will save you trouble further down the line, and the costs that come with it.
  • More than 170 service centres worldwide and 3000 plus experts, capable of meeting the most stringent requirements thanks to SCCP approvals.
  • One dependable partner for the whole spectrum of rotating equipment, including non-KSB products.
  • 24/7 all-round support: commissioning, inspection, maintenance and repair.
  • All spare parts can be obtained from us, quickly and easily.

Start-up as required: smart tools and products for a successful pump installation

For comprehensive pump optimisation and maximum energy efficiency we help you install your pumps by providing information and functions such as:

  • Operating and managing all key parameters
  • Configuration of automation products
  • Local or centralised operation via laptop or mobile devices
  • Data record management
  • Monitoring of the load profile and operating point


The PumpMeter pump monitoring unit facilitates pump installation by making the operating point transparent.

  • For optimum status monitoring, it alternately shows the measured and calculated values on a display.
  • It continuously analyses the operating data.
  • It makes the installation of variable speed pumps so much easier.
  • It is supplied completely assembled and parameterised for the individual pump.


The PumpDrive variable speed system incorporates various functions that help you install your pump.

  • Monitoring of the operating point
  • Sensorless dry running protection
  • Flexible design for restricted space or mounting conditions
  • The parameters are set at the factory based on the specific pump data and motor data.

KSB FlowManager app

Use the KSB FlowManager app for your smartphone to operate PumpDrive via Bluetooth and access comprehensive information for your pump installation.

  • Operate and monitor all key parameters
  • Manage data records
  • Open-loop control, discharge pressure control and differential pressure control
KSB FlowManager-App

KSB service tool

The software serves to parameterise and manage all KSB products for automation via PACTware.

  • Edit parameters, safe them on your PC, transfer them to the device
  • Compare parameter sets
  • Manage projects
  • Update firmware
  • Send orders directly to the device

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