Identifying saving potentials – with energy efficiency analyses from KSB

Energy-efficient operation of pumps and other rotating equipment lowers the operating costs of your systems and increases their availability and operating reliability. The first step towards this goal is the system analysis – it serves as the basis for the other steps towards optimisation. By calculating the power of your pump our experts create a clear picture of the plant situation and show you where and how energy can be saved.

Gain full transparency – with KSB’s analysis tools:

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1. Identification of potential with KSB Sonolyzer®

Only when saving potentials are available is the exact measurement of pump data worthwhile. KSB Sonolyzer® offers you the fastest and simplest way to identify such potentials. The free app analyses the motor sound of fixed speed asynchronous motors to identify whether the operating point is inside or outside of the part-load range. Further measurements will only be taken where cost-efficient.


2. Measurement using Pump Operation Check

At the heart of an energy efficiency analysis is the recording and assessment of the load profile. For single-pump applications, we perform a Pump Operation Check. Our experts use the PumpMeter pump monitoring unit to record the exact operating data, analyse them and provide you with concrete recommendations for action.

3. System Efficiency Service for complex systems

Our SES System Efficiency Service serves to analyse the energy efficiency of complex systems. Comprehensive measurement with a data logger offers you a detailed insight into the operation of your entire pump system. 

Two ways towards more efficiency: Pump Operation Check & System Efficiency Service — a comparison

Pump Operation Check


  • Focuses on fixed speed pumps in single-pump applications
  • Qualitative analysis of the operating range
  • Automatic analysis based on pressures measured with PumpMeter
  • Recording of the load profile
  • For application outside of potentially explosive atmospheres
  • For dry-installed pumps
  • All makes up to a drive rating of 45 kW

SES System Efficiency Service


  • Analyses the operating ranges of pumps and their interaction with the system
  • Detailed assessment of the operating ranges and operating behaviour
  • Comprehensive analysis by experienced project engineers: pressure, effective power, flow rate, speed, etc.
  • Recording of the load profile as well as detailed load curves over time
  • For applications outside of potentially explosive atmospheres as well as in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Independent of the design (dry/wet)
  • All makes with a drive rating of 30 kW and above

The analysis report

Our experts process this pump and system data to provide you with an as-is-analysis and first recommendations for optimisation. This provides you with a good basis on which to make decisions for further optimisation. The aspect of profitability features very early in the process.


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