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KSB's Amacontrol serves to protect and monitor pumps, pump systems and submersible mixers

AmaControl and the KSB INTspector app – Always keeing an eye on key status data

Trust is good but monitoring is better: AmaControl gives you exactly the information you need for comprehensive monitoring of your pump, pump system or submersible mixer. And with the app, you can access all key parameters and information directly on your mobile device.

Protection and monitoring of water and waste water products

How can trouble-free operation of pumps and mixers be ensured in as uncomplicated and reliable a fashion as possible ─ particularly in water and waste water applications? AmaControl protection module forms the technical monitoring centre for a wide range of sensor data. This is where everything comes together: For motor temperature measurement, bearing temperature measurement, leakage measurement, vibration measurement and voltage measurement. The data collected can then be used for diagnosis and analysis purposes as well as linked to other data.

The benefits of AmaControl are quite clear as timely warning and cut-out in the event of a fault increase operating reliability and the service life of the system can be extended by preventive maintenance information issued in good time.

The right solution for every unit

AmaControl is available in three different versions for different applications.

Find out which version is the right one for your application and your product with AmaControl Select.

The app also offers the option of downloading parameter files for parameterising your AmaControl.

With a parameter file, your AmaControl is set exactly to your respective product in no time at all.

KSB's Amacontrol available in three different versions

AmaControl is available in three different versions to cater to various applications.

Easy to use via the KSB INTspector app

Conveniently use AmaControl protection module from your mobile device. Be it a smartphone or tablet, the handy KSB INTspector app provides you with a comprehensive overview of all key parameters and information regarding your pumps. Direct settings options also give you complete control of your system.

The KSB INTspector app on a smartphone

Clearly structured and easy to use: The KSB INTspector app gives you insight into all relevant status data.

Our offering

  • Easy to install in control cabinet on top hat rail; quick and easy wiring with spring-loaded terminals
  • Straightforward commissioning as each variant is pre-parameterised for the product it will be used with
  • Easy parameterisation, diagnosis and reporting with the KSB INTspector app
  • Simple analysis of diagnosis data with saved history, recorded operating data and trends as well as a fault history
  • Optimum condition monitoring of the pump or submersible mixer
    • On site via a smartphone, tablet or PC
    • In external systems via a Modbus gateway 

Your benefits

  • Increased operating reliability due to warning and cut-out in the event of a fault, with warning option via general alarm contact
  • Extended service life of pumps and submersible mixers by preventive maintenance information
Inspection service

Inspection service

KSB SupremeServ’s inspection service provides regular pump inspection and pump maintenance to ensure the reliable operation and increased availability of your system.

  • Preventing failures
  • 24-hour on-call service