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Horizontal submersible mixer with self-cleaning ECB propeller, close-coupled design, with coaxial spur gear drive. ATEX-compliant version available.
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Main Applications

  • Environmental engineering, particularly for handling municipal and industrial waste water and sludges. Circulating, keeping in suspension and inducing flow:
  • In nitrification tanks and denitrification tanks
  • In activated sludge tanks
  • In biological phosphate elimination tanks
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Technical Data

  • Max. allowed fluid temperature40 °C

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  • Absolutely break-proof due to propeller blades made of glass fibre reinforced epoxy resin with metal hub insert and protective gel coating.
  • Double safety by two bi-directional mechanical seals with oil reservoir filled with environmentally friendly oil
  • Perfectly protected by absolutely water-tight cable gland protecting the motor against moisture

Technical Data

  • FunctionMix
  • Drive conceptWith electric actuator
  • Mains frequency50 Hz, 60 Hz
  • Mains voltage230 V, 400 V, 460 V, 500 V, 690 V
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature40 °C

Sectional Drawings

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