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KSB Movitec pumps used on Byworth Boilers

Byworth Boilers use Movitec Pumps for Boiler Feed Duties

Byworth Boilers is widely accepted as being the UK’s leading independent provider of steam and hot water boiler services.

The project: Byworth Boilers choose KSB Movitecs for their boilers

Byworth Boilers use KSB Movitec pumps because of the reliability and energy efficiency. The pumps are integral to how the boilers work. Without a constant supply of water at the correct flow and pressure the boiler simply does not work.

The client: Byworth Boilers

Byworth Boilers is widely accepted as being the UK’s leading independent provider of steam and hot water boiler services. Offering several ranges of large and medium-sized boilers it is a company that does not compromise on quality and delivers solutions that fit the customer’s requirements. Bucking the current trend to outsource manufacturing overseas, Byworth refuses to compromise quality for price and continues to retain all manufacturing processes, from plate rolling to final fitting under strict quality control, at its expansive manufacturing facility in Keighley, Yorkshire.

Byworth recognises that buying a boiler is a long-term investment, so it is important that it is as efficient as possible and extremely easy to maintain in order to maximise the investment and product lifecycle. It goes without saying that a boiler must be capable of delivering optimum performance at all times. With its boilers employed across a diverse range of industry sectors that encompasses food and beverage production, heath services, pharmaceuticals, paper and board making, Byworth knows how  critical the readily available supply of  steam and hot water are to  customers’ production requirements. Should a boiler malfunction, the impact on a customer’s functioning could be catastrophic.

Even though Byworth places great emphasis on the fact that it manufactures and fabricates a considerable number of components in-house, there are always certain components that have to be out-sourced. One such component is the boiler feed pump. A highly specialised precision piece of equipment, the boiler feed pump possibly has a major influence on the performance of the boiler. In the words of Jason Atkinson, Byworth’s Head of Technical and Product Development: “Pumps are integral to how the boilers work because the pumps are used to feed the water into the boiler.” Without a constant supply of water at the correct pressure and flow rate, the boiler simply does not work.”

Byworth and boiler feed pumps

For over half a century Byworth has had plenty of experience in selecting and operating boiler feed pumps, using a number of manufacturers’ products with varying degrees of success. The most influential factor on pump selection for Byworth is reliability and in its quest for finding a pump that it can employ across its range of boilers it opened discussions with KSB UK Ltd in 2012. The success of this approach is measured by its placement of a first order for Movitec pump in 2013. Since then, KSB UK has sold over 400 Movitec pumps to Byworth.

Keeley O’Neill, OEM Area Sales Manager at KSB UK takes up the story. “We approached Byworth Boilers in 2012 with an offer to free trial a Movitec VCF4-14 pump on their own boiler system also used for training in order to test its reliability and suitability for their systems. This turned out to be a great success and subsequently Byworth started officially placing orders in 2013. They have gradually increased their spend with KSB year after year to a point where we now have in place pricing agreements and a rebate scheme.” 
Byworth was the first company in the UK to recognise the potential need for a mobile boiler hire service and it was in 2019 Byworth Hire took the decision to install Movitec pumps on its Boiler hire units. The decision to expand its six year relationship with KSB was taken largely on the issues of fast delivery, reliability and cost.

Keeley O’Neill reports that it has supplied Byworth Boilers with many of its most popular Movitec VCF models in recent years. “However,” she says, “we have also previously supplied units from our ETA range, but these are generally one off projects. Movitec pumps are reliable, well-built and competitively priced in the market. The key issue for Byworth is reliability, for if the pump stops the boiler working it is their reputation on the line. Then there is the issue of energy efficiency. Byworth offers the most advanced and energy efficient industrial boiler in the market and our Movitec pump makes a contribution to their efforts. We have a great relationship with Byworth Boilers and they know they can rely on KSB whenever they have a need.”

The challenge: Produce efficient heat solutions.

Byworth’s aim to be the preferred partner in providing efficient heat solutions sits easily alongside KSB’s philosophy. Both companies are dedicated to providing their customers with solutions that satisfy their individual aspirations and requirements. In an era where optimising energy and operating efficiency combine to provide the maximum return on investment, both Byworth with its advanced technology boilers and KSB with its intelligent pumps are pursuing parallel paths. Perhaps this is why Jason Atkinson qualifies his choice of Movitec pumps: “They’re the most reliable in the industry, have a good price point and we have a good history with KSB.

The solution: KSB Movitec Pumps

What are the factors that make the Movitec the pump so internationally popular? KSB’s Movitec pump series is a multistage vertical high-pressure centrifugal pump in ring-section design with suction and discharge nozzles of identical nominal diameters arranged opposite to each other (in-line design) and close-coupled. Designed with hot water and cooling water recirculation, boiler feed, fire-fighting and pressure booster systems in mind it  offers users a range of energy-saving and high performance features that deliver demand-driven operation. 
With lower NPSH values, it provides dependable pump operation and a high level of operating reliability capable of delivering pressure up to 40 bar and flow rates of 190m³/h. Occupying only a small footprint, so ideal for incorporation into plant systems, the Movitec is easy to maintain. Seals are easy to replace, and EasyAccess or cartridge seals can even be replaced without the need to remove the motor. 

The KSB Movitec plays an important role in saving energy at component level due its high-performance hydraulic system and maximum efficiencies. In addition, KSB has available ground-breaking drive and automation solutions for the highly efficient operation of the pump sets. The pumps are equipped with the economical IE3 motors as standard and optimum energy savings can be achieved in combination with the KSB SuPremE IE5 motor. Pump sets fitted with the PumpDrive speed control system and the PumpMeter monitoring are recommended for fluctuating flow requirements and varying intake pressures.

The latest Movitec models have the option of an impeller design that significantly improves the pumps’ suction characteristics (NPSH value). Significantly, the impeller can be used with a number of Movitec variants without necessitating modifications to the outer pump casing. This impeller features a modified inlet diameter, vanes allowing a slightly diagonal through-flow and a newly designed stage casing, all of which serve to substantially improve the pump’s NPSH curve. 

This proves its worth in applications with critical inlet conditions (e.g. boiler feed applications) as well as applications in which the pump is required to take in water from low-lying tanks or at higher temperatures. Under these conditions, a pressure drop in the intake area may cause cavitation to occur in the first pump stage. This can result in excessive wear of pump parts or motor bearings as well as a reduced service life of the pump due to damaged parts and an unbalanced hydraulic system. 

The Movitec pump series is one of KSB’s biggest-selling pumps and many thousands are in use around the world fully supported globally by KSB Group companies and distributors. For Byworth, which has a global demand for its boilers, this network is of great importance. It means that should a problem occur, or pump maintenance is required, the boiler user has speedy access to replacement components and professional engineering support.