KSB Sewatec pumps guarantee energy efficiency and prevent clogging

Sewatec pumps were installed in the new MBR unit at the Taskila wastewater treatment plant, pumping the return sludge into the aeration tank.

Project: Improving the efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant

In 2018, the Taskila wastewater treatment plant was expanded by an MBR membrane filter plant to enhance nitrogen removal. As part of the plant, KSB's Sewatec pumps were selected as recovery sludge pumps that pump activated sludge into the aeration tank. By keeping the activated sludge at a certain concentration, the nitrogen removal in the aeration tank is improved. 

Customer: Oulun Vesi

Oulun Vesi is the municipal enterprise whose task is to provide water supply, sewage disposal and sewage treatment services to local residents and businesses of the city of Oulu in Northern Finland. Oulun Vesi has two wastewater treatment plants. The majority of wastewater is treated at the Taskila treatment plant, which is the largest wastewater treatment plant in Northern Finland. The wastewater of the neighboring municipalities Muhos, Utajärvi and Ii is also treated in Taskila. In 2019, approximately 17.8 million cubic meters of municipal wastewater was treated at the Taskila wastewater treatment plant. About 30% of the incoming wastewater was treated in the new MBR membrane filter plant.

Challenge: Pumping energy-efficiently and minimizing the risk of clogging

An important selection criterion for the pumps was energy efficiency, low life cycle costs and the lowest possible risk of clogging. 

Solution: Sewatec pumps with D-impellers

KSB Finland offered six Sewatec pumps with D-impellers. i.e. with open diagonal single-vane impellers, because this impeller type preserves the structure of the activated sludge much better compared to other types of impellers. 
All pumps are running at the Taskila plant in Oulu and Oulun Vesi has been satisfied with pumps’ operation.

Sewatec pumps

Key Facts

Location: Oulu, Finland 

Products used:  6 pcs Sewatec pumps

Year: 2018