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KSB at SMM: All set for the maritime energy transition – container freighter from above

Green light for green shipping: KSB at SMM in Hamburg

From 6 to 9 September, SMM, the leading international trade fair for the maritime industry, will take place once again in Hamburg – and KSB will be there live with a trade fair stand. Under the motto “All set for the maritime energy transition”, we will be presenting exciting innovations to help shipping better protect the climate and conserve our resources. Take the opportunity to visit us in person in Hall A1, Stand No. 123 and talk to our experts. We look forward to seeing you!

We’re navigating new waters for you.

The shipping industry is facing stormy times ahead. To effectively protect the climate, the goal of carbon neutrality must be reached by as soon as 2050 – a race against time! But which technologies can replace traditional fuels? Current contenders include ammonia, methanol, green hydrogen and synthetic fuels. One thing is clear: If you want to be climate neutral in time, you have to act now.

At KSB, we have stood for technological innovation for 150 years – and have always been committed to developing new solutions for greater sustainability. For this reason, we have also been working for many years on how to handle new types of fuels on board ships – in particular volatile, aggressive and highly flammable fluids – in an absolutely safe, reliable and efficient way.

We fulfil these specific requirements with products that meet the most stringent standards at the highest technical level. From pumps to valves, as a full-range supplier we offer the ideal product for every fluid handled in shipping. Discover our innovative solutions for the new challenges of the maritime industry at SMM in Hamburg.

Gas tanker at sea: KSB supports the production of green hydrogen

Anchors away for green hydrogen

For climate protection to be successful, the burning of fossil fuels must be significantly reduced and, where electrification is not possible, we need to drive the use of alternative energy sources. Hydrogen is seen as one of the most promising forms of renewable energy – including for shipping. When produced in a climate-neutral way, it can significantly reduce carbon emissions. As an experienced manufacturer in the field of industrial and chemical processes, we offer the necessary expertise as well as the appropriate pumps and valves to efficiently support the entire hydrogen value creation chain.

We're charting a course for climate-neutral fuels

Biofuels and synthetic fuels are becoming increasingly important in industries where electrification is difficult to achieve, in particular shipping. While biofuels are produced from biomass, synthetic fuels are produced from a mixture of isolated carbon dioxide and climate-neutral hydrogen. The development of these fuels is progressing steadily – and KSB has both the necessary expertise and suitable products. We are able to equip entire systems with pumps, valves and automation products. 

KSB is committed to climate-neutral fuels: Freighter on waterway, wind turbines in the background

Our products for using climate-neutral fuels at sea

The use of alternative fuels in shipping poses exceptional challenges for pumps and valves. Firstly, the products must withstand the harsh conditions at sea and simultaneously guarantee absolute safety when handling even the most demanding fluids. Mag-drive pumps without mechanical seals and the use of wear- and corrosion-resistant materials ensure fluids are handled and shut off reliably – while maintaining the highest safety standards.



Horizontal seal-less volute casing pump in back pull-out design, with magnetic drive, to DIN EN ISO 2858 / ISO 5199, with radial impeller, single-entry, single-stage. ATEX-compliant version available.



Vertical in-line centrifugal pump with closed impeller and mechanical seal. ILNS fitted with an auxiliary vacuum pump, ILNE with ejector. Back pull-out design allows the impeller to be dismantled without removing the piping and the motor. ATEX-compliant version available.

ISORIA 10/16

ISORIA 10/16

Centred-disc butterfly valve, sealed by elastomer liner, with lever or manual gearbox, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuator. Wafer-type body (T1), semi-lug body (T2), full-lug body (T4) or U-section body with flat faces (T5). Body types T2 and T4 are suitable for downstream dismantling and dead-end service with counterflange. Connections to EN, ASME, JIS.



Double-offset butterfly valve for cryogenic applications; body with flanged ends (T7) with raised faces, or body with butt weld ends made of stainless steel to ASME Class 150, JIS, fire-safe design.