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On/off control of pneumatic quarter-turn actuators and open/closed position signalling. Mounts directly on ACTAIR NG actuators with no need for a bracket, providing a rugged, compact and integrated solution. Its integrated directional control valve eliminates the need for any pneumatic lines between AMTRONIC and the actuator. The actuating time of the actuator can be set via AMTRONIC's air flow reducer. AMTRONIC can be connected to Profibus DP and AS-i field buses. AMTRONIC has been specially developed to reduce control unit cabling. Connection via field bus enables both power supply and control information exchange with the process control system. AMTRONIC can be integrated in field bus environments with Profibus DP protocol and especially AS-i protocol.

Main Applications

  • Water
  • Waste water
  • Energy
  • Industry
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  • Position indicator
  • Direct mounting to ACTAIR and DYNACTAIR
    • No installation components required (bracket and socket)

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