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IECEx03-5 / ATEX certification

Voluntary certification for repair shops or companies that design, install, maintain or inspect EX installations. 

This certification demonstrates competence in ATEX and/or IECEx through independent certification. It is based on the international technical standard IEC-60079-19 and the ISO9001 quality standards.

What are the benefits of this certification? 

End users covered by the ATEX or IECEx standards must ensure that EX equipment is properly installed, maintained and, if necessary, repaired or serviced. 
The repair of EX equipment is subject to certain regulations, so the end user must ensure that any repair or overhaul is carried out by competent persons to ensure that the equipment remains explosion proof after overhaul or repair.

Working in accordance with IEC60079-19 when repairing or overhauling ATEX equipment is an obligation, but demonstrating this compliance is not.

This is why IECEx 03 was developed: this global certification scheme is voluntary in Europe but provides a good opportunity to demonstrate competence in repair and overhaul.