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You can download the KSB Sonolyzer® app free of charge for your smartphone or tablet PC. The pump app is available for Android and Apple devices.

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Discover the optimisation potential of your systems with the KSB Sonolyzer® app

KSB presents a world first: the first app that can hear energy saving potential.

With its new app, KSB brings Digital Industry straight to your smartphone. In just a few seconds, KSB Sonolyzer® measures the noise frequency of the asynchronous motor and checks whether there are potential energy savings to be made, thus enabling an increase in pump efficiency. To do so, the app uses an estimation algorithm that was developed by KSB and is the first of its kind on the market. It can be used not only on KSB pumps but also on rotating equipment produced by many other manufacturers.

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Step 1

Download KSB Sonolyzer free of charge.

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Step 2

Select your pump type.

Select your pump type.

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Step 3

Enter your pump data.

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Explore KSB Sonolyzer!

Step 4

Start the measurement and hold your smartphone next to the motor. The KSB app delivers the analysis results in just 20 seconds.

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Explore KSB Sonolyzer!

Step 5

The result of the measurement shows whether the operating point is inside or outside the part-load range.

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Take advantage of potential energy savings

With the KSB Sonolyzer® app, you can contact your local KSB specialist directly by e-mail or phone to obtain a detailed efficiency analysis with KSB's Pump Operation Check or SES System Efficiency Service analysis tools. The pump app determines your location and puts you in direct contact with the relevant specialist.

The data package provided by the KSB app is an ideal starting point for obtaining a quick, detailed FluidFuture® analysis and for using the resulting potential savings identified to increase the efficiency of your pumps.

More about FluidFuture® from KSB…

Take advantage of potential energy savings

Your contact to KSB

If you have questions about the KSB Sonolyzer App, you may also leave us a message.

Frequently Asked Questions on KSB Sonolyzer®

1. My measurement has failed despite having repeated the process several times. What can I do?

  • Was the measurement taken on a variable speed machine? KSB Sonolyzer® can only take measurements on machines without a frequency inverter.
  • KSB Sonolyzer® provides the best results when you hold the microphone of your mobile device as close to the motor fan as possible.
  • KSB Sonolyzer® requires the exact rated speed of the motor (on the motor name plate), not the speed of the pump (on the pump name plate).
  • Was the measurement taken on a motor whose drive rating is too high? KSB Sonolyzer® is only compatible with machines that have a drive rating of up to 200 kW.

A failed measurement generally means that KSB Sonolyzer® could not produce a reliable measurement result. To avoid incorrect information from being communi-cated in this scenario, an error message is displayed instead of a measurement result.

Failed measurements can also have other causes:

  • Excessive wear of the pump set such as bearing damage or damage caused by cavitation can prevent KSB Sonolyzer® from reaching an accurate measurement result.
  • KSB Sonolyzer® is only compatible with fan-cooled motors.
  • Mains fluctuations can have a negative impact on the quality of the analysis.
  • The measurement period must be at least 20 seconds. If you turn the smartphone around in order to look at the display while the measurement is underway, the measurement will be interrupted. 

2. How exactly does KSB Sonolyzer® work?

  • KSB Sonolyzer® starts out by analysing the audio signal of the motor fan to determine the current rotational speed of the asynchronous motor.
    This parameter is correlated with a suitable motor data model to derive the current input power of the machine. KSB Sonolyzer® then uses matching pump characteristic curves to determine the load range of the pump set.

3. How reliable and accurate is the KSB Sonolyzer® analysis?

  • Thousands of successful measurements prove the excellent capabilities of KSB Sonolyzer® in day-to-day activities. KSB Sonolyzer® provides an indication of the operating point for machines that have an asynchronous motor and helps identify potential savings in energy consumed by machines. Whether these can be realised and how exactly this can be achieved, however, depend on a number of factors that must be quan-tified for the specific application – a task that goes beyond the scope of KSB Sonolyzer®. To obtain qualified, binding results, an on-site analysis will need to be conducted by an expert. If you would like, feel free to contact your KSB sales partner by sending a message directly from within the app. See also

4. Can interfering noise compromise the measurement taken by KSB Sonolyzer®?

  • KSB Sonolyzer® is well equipped for filtering out the interfering noise typically generated by neighbouring machinery, for example. The most important thing to remember in this context is that you hold the micro-phone of the mobile device as close to the motor fan of the machine train you want to measure as possible. Doing so will ensure a satisfactory signal-to-noise ratio so that a correct measurement can be taken.

5. Can KSB Sonolyzer® also be used for machines from other manufacturers?

  • Yes, KSB Sonolyzer® is compatible with many machines offered by other rotating equipment manufacturers. A selection of compatible machines can be found in the corresponding list of the app under the Audio Analysis menu item.

6. My pump is not included in the app’s selection list. Can I still use KSB Sonolyzer® ?

  • Yes, KSB Sonolyzer® is suitable for analysing many other manufacturers' pumps driven by an asynchronous motor at a constant mains frequency. A selection of compatible machines can be found in the corresponding list of the app under the Audio Analysis menu item.

7. What does the app cost?

8. I have some ideas on how KSB Sonolyzer® can be improved. What can I do?

  • We welcome any feedback you have to offer. Please submit your ideas in an e-mail addressed to We will make every attempt to implement your improvements in future versions.