KSB Guard

The first and easiest step towards digitalising your plant

The fourth industrial revolution is in full swing. Increasing digitalisation and networking of products, value creation chains and business models offers many industrial companies attractive opportunities. At the same time, a lot of companies are not sure how and where to start digitalising their systems. And yet it can be so simple: with KSB Guard.

What is KSB Guard?

KSB Guard is your quick and easy introduction to the world of KSB smart services. KSB Guard can be quickly attached to your pumps and immediately helps you to make your system more reliable and reduce your operating costs.

KSB Guard is KSB’s intelligent pump monitoring system comprising sensors and a cloud application which enables you to keep a mobile eye on the performance and status data of your pumps at all times.

The cloud-based solution monitors all connected pumps in parallel and immediately notifies you of any irregularities. How to detect faults and anomalies faster than ever before while maintaining a solid database for further optimisation measures – system-wide.  

KSB Guard transmission and battery unit mounted on a pump

KSB Guard in operation: Examples from different industries in practice

Here you can see a range of different examples in practice that illustrate the advantages of KSB Guard for pump system operators. See for yourself.

Waste water disposal: Increased values indicated improper piping installation

The KSB Sewatec D pumps operated by the Altenstadt waste water association were exhibiting increased vibration values. Thanks to KSB Guard, this was recognised at an early stage. An analysis showed that the piping had not been properly installed. Optimising the piping layout directly resulted in improvements. 

KSB Guard prevents disruption in municipal wastewater disposal

Industrial applications: Proactive maintenance prevented failure

Two KSB Etanorm pumps help to cool the compressed air system at Kalle-Albert Industrial Park and keep it running. In October 2019, KSB Guard detected increased vibrations – and the looming threat of bearing damage was detected at an early stage. ISW-Technik initiated a repair during periods when pump operation was not essential, preventing a sudden system failure with unplanned downtimes and far-reaching resultant losses.

KSB Guard prevents downtime at a large industrial park

Waste water disposal: Early detection of impending clogging

KSB Guard detected increased vibration values on a Sewatec D pump operated by a municipal waste water association: the risk of clogging was imminent. Thanks to KSB Guard, clogging was able to be prevented in time. In the past, cases like these were not identified early on, causing failures and damage. The impending clogging was remedied and a failure was avoided along with consequential damage.

KSB Guard prevents clogging at a municipal water authority

Power generation: Previously unknown link discovered

An older multistage pump used by an energy supply company often used to fail. Thanks to KSB Guard, increased vibrations were detected – but only when outdoor temperatures were high, causing the valve disc to be stuck in a certain position. Prior to this, the link between these factors was not known! On the basis of this information, the system was upgraded and is now running reliably without any failures.

KSB Guard ensures reliability through targeted modernisation.

Mechanical engineering: High vibration levels detected early and damage prevented

KSB Guard detected high levels of vibration on a KSB Etanorm pump installed at a major mechanical engineering company. The cause was a misalignment. The customer was able to quickly remedy this and prevent potential damage. During the course of this process, a leakage was also identified which was fixed at the same time by replacing the mechanical seal. Thanks to KSB Guard, action was able to be taken at an early stage!

KSB Guard ensures reliability through targeted modernisation

Water supply: Foreign matter caused increased vibrations

Following a rise in the vibration values on a KSB SNZ pump at a local water company, it was discovered that the pump could no longer be rotated by hand. Needs-based maintenance was then carried out during which a piece of rubber was found to be stuck in the propeller – wear which is to be expected after 40 years of operation. Without early detection by KSB Guard, the level of damage would have been far greater.

KSB Guard provides demand-oriented pump repair at a local water provider

Heating/cooling supply: Probable failure prevented in time

After motor damage, a HPK-L pump from KSB was put back into operation at a large tyre manufacturer. Thanks to KSB Guard, increased vibrations were detected. Following re-alignment of the coupling, the vibration values immediately returned to normal, successfully preventing a probable pump failure.

KSB Guard prevents downtime at a tyre manufacturer

Water supply: Operational fault discovered early on

Extremely high levels of vibration that were continuing to rise were measured on a KSB Etanorm pump at a large stainless steel factory. Here, too, KSB Guard detected the subsequently identified bearing damage before system failure.

KSB Guard prevents pump failure in a stainless steel plant

Paper production: Fast information prevented major damage

Thanks to KSB Guard, increased vibration values – in particular on one axis – were detected on the KSB Etanorm pumps of a paper and pulp producer company. After the baseplate was grouted, the level of vibrations was significantly reduced, preventing any damage.

KSB Guard prevents pump failure.

More transparency thanks to digitalisation. More efficiency thanks to transparency.

The digitalised recording of performance and status parameters for your pumps thanks to a smart service such as KSB Guard offers you a whole new overview of your system – and with it a whole host of benefits.


KSB Guard is a simple way to ensure that your system profits from one of digitalisation’s greatest benefits: transparency. This transparency triggers a chain reaction which stands to significantly increase the efficiency of your system.

Better maintenance strategies

With digital monitoring, you gain access to detailed information on the efficiency and overall condition of your pump, enabling you to optimise your pump maintenance tactics in a targeted fashion.

Less frequent and more predictable downtimes

Better maintenance strategies allow you to take care of the procurement of spare parts and other maintenance services in good time. This helps you to predict and reduce downtime at your plant.

Reduced operating costs

The less downtime your system experiences, the more efficiently it will operate – and the lower your operating costs will be.

Graphical representation of the chain of benefits triggered by digitisation.

KSB Guard in action

Interview with reference customer SAMSON AG

An overview of the system

  1. Sensor unit: A vibration sensor and a temperature sensor record pump data directly at the pump.
  2. Transmission and battery unit: Supplies power to the sensor unit and transfers measurement data to the gateway.
  3. Gateway: Transfers data via the mobile phone network to the KSB Cloud while maintaining the highest security standards.
  4. Web portal and app: Pump data and additional pump parameters can be evaluated conveniently and easily in the app or accessed via a computer.

Image of a KSB Etanorm equipped with KSB Guard.

Taking the first step has never been easier.

You can carry out the 4-step installation yourself or have it performed by a KSB expert:

1. Adhere sensor unit

Affix the sensor unit to the bearing bracket or to the drive lantern of the pump using magnets and industrial adhesive to ensure good transmission of vibrations.

A hand attaching the sensor unit to the pump

2. Mount transmission and battery unit

Mount the transmission and battery unit on the pump near the sensor unit wherever it is most convenient. Then press a button to activate the transmission and battery unit and connect it with the sensor unit.

A hand attaching the transmission and battery unit

3. Suspend gateway

Suspend the gateway near the pumps, connect the plug to the
230 V mains and check mobile reception at the LED display.

A system operator attaching the gateway

4. Register pumps

Make a few basic pump data entries for each pump on the computer or using your smartphone ─ done.

A system operator with a smartphone standing next to a pump equipped with KSB Guard

Easy to install

  1.  Adhere sensor unit
  2. Mount transmission and battery unit
  3. Suspend gateway
  4. Register pumps

Plan your maintenance efficiently

KSB Guard allows you to plan for maintenance jobs based on specific measurement data. This, in turn, allows you to use your resources where they really are required. Documenting and tracking work on a pump takes just a few clicks.

KSB Guard

  • Helps avoid unnecessary maintenance
  • Improves availability as irregularities are detected
  • Documents previous work to facilitate future inspections

Graphic of two mobile phones with maintenance data on the displays.

The KSB Guard data interface

KSB Guard allows you to access the measured data, information and notifications via a standardised REST API data interface. This data can be easily integrated into your existing system and visualised, independently of the app or web portal. You can also combine the data collected by KSB Guard with other data and save it wherever you want – your system, your data.

Data flow and interfaces of the KSB Guard monitoring solution


The KSB Guard app

You are already a proud KSB Guard owner and have registered your pumps? Then click here to download the free KSB Guard app: QR-Code App Store and Google Play

             Apple Store                                  Google Play

Or go to the KSB Guard web portal.

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