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Top preparation, top equipment, TOP services: Discover KSB’s digital pump solutions.

The global phenomenon of digitalisation is unstoppable. From communication all the way to product development. Digitalisation has also long since arrived in industry. Every day sees products become smarter, more automated and more reliable. This is good news for you: digitalisation brings innovations promising better efficiency and lower operating costs. But if you want to remain competitive in the future, you have to switch to digital solutions now. KSB can help.

With KSB’s smart services, you can prepare your system for the long-term digital future as well as profiting from immediate benefits. Step by step into the digital world with KSB. It’s very simple – and faster than you can imagine. 

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TOP digital – step by step into the future

KSB’s digital pump solutions offer many advantages from which you can profit in the short and the long term. Your three core benefits:

  • Transparency in your system
  • Optimisation of your system’s efficiency
  • Simplified Procurement

That’s why digital solutions at KSB are also called TOP services. Each additional service leaves you better equipped to handle the requirements of the digital future. Here you can explore the full range of advantages at your own pace and find out more about the individual digital services offered by KSB.

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Keeping a constant eye on your system’s processes

Digitalised acquisition and correlation of performance and condition parameters for your pumps and valves provides you with a completely new overview of your system. Digitalisation brings transparency to your system – in real time. This transparency enables you to exercise more care in the operation of your system and implement maintenance and repair measures in a more targeted and efficient manner, for example by dynamically prioritising maintenance tasks or optimising your spare parts strategy. This pays off: Early planned maintenance is more efficient and significantly reduces the downtime of your system. Cost reductions of between 20 and 30 percent* are possible.

* Estimation of the maximum potential saving made with help from sources including: VDMA investment calculator; German Academic Association for Production Technology (Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Produktionstechnik, WGP) Position Paper “Standpunkt Industrie 4.0”

Graphics, save up to 30 percent
A hand holding a smartphone. Behind it KSB Guard is visible on a pump.

The KSB Guard monitoring system

Everything at a glance: KSB Guard enables you to keep a digital eye on your pump data, simply by fitting a sensor. The cloud-based solution monitors all connected pump conditions in parallel and immediately reports any irregularities so that you can intervene if necessary.

Energy efficiency check with KSB Sonolyzer®

This sounds good: Using a smartphone or tablet microphone, the free KSB Sonolyzer® app can use the noise frequency of a fixed-speed asynchronous motor to detect whether a pump’s operating point is inside or outside of the part-load range and whether potential savings are possible.

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Efficiency & reliability taken to the max

The digitalisation and automation of your system puts you in a position to exploit potential efficiency gains. Digital optimisation of individual components alone can achieve energy savings of up to 10 percent. Optimised hydraulic systems and dynamic control of individual pump sets can increase your energy efficiency by a further 20 to 30 percent. You stand to achieve maximum savings if all of your system’s components are optimised to work perfectly together. With Fluid Future®, KSB offers you the best conditions for achieving this by analysing your entire hydraulic system and the complete life cycle of your plant. KSB is able to deliver savings of up to 60 percent* through the holistic optimisation of hydraulic systems, drives, automation and sizing.
* cf. e.g. KSB FluidFuture®  

Graphics, save up to 60 percent
Optimum operating point with KSB FlowManager

MyFlow Technology

Fewer sizes, more efficiency: MyFlow is an innovative drive solution for constant flow applications that reduces the variant complexity by up to 50% and increases your efficiency via individual fixed speed adjustment and other features. The combination of the KSB SuPremE® IE5 motor*, MyFlow Drive and the FlowManager app make MyFlow Technology an all-in service package.


Do you need more flexibility? If you deal with fluctuating demand, it is worth considering PumpDrive. It continuously matches the speed of the pump to actual system requirements, thus enabling energy-efficient and demand-oriented pump operation. The advantage: As with MyFlow Technology, you can use the FlowManager app for regulation and monitoring.

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Shop faster and smarter

The digitalisation of your value creation chain can have a positive effect on your procurement at many levels. For example, response times for errors and complaints are significantly shortened thanks to data being available in the cloud and standardised workflows.

Digitalisation also enables you to create customer-specific configurations (configure-to-order) with the aid of digital product catalogues and web platforms. Order planning can be system-supported which significantly accelerates your procurement processes. In addition, your customers can be informed of available capacities and kept up to date on the implementation of an order. This also has a positive effect on delivery reliability. And these are just some of the advantages of digitalisation. Experience shows that companies can reduce their production and logistics costs by up to 10 percent* as a result of digitalisation.

* Estimation of the maximum potential saving made with help from sources including: VDMA investment calculator; German Academic Association for Production Technology (Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Produktionstechnik, WGP) Position Paper “Standpunkt Industrie 4.0”

Graphics, save up to 10 percent


Get informed, find the product and order systematically: The KSB customer portal is more than just a comprehensive online shop. Its comprehensive information, search function, selection of KSB products and overview of ongoing business processes are impressive. Just register and get started.

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