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Wastewater treatment Ohio: the District Avenue Pump Station in Cleveland, with the city skyline in the background.

Non-clogging pumps support stormwater management in Ohio

KSB innovations relieve persistent clogging issue in Cleveland

KSB innovations relieve persistent clogging issue in Cleveland

The project:

Upgrade pump capacity at a historic pump station

Located on the Old River Channel close to Cleveland’s lakefront, the Division Avenue Pump Station has long delivered clean water to Northeast Ohioans. When owner and operator NEORSD approached KSB, the goal was to upgrade the plant’s capacity to deal with increasingly heavy stormwater flooding. Additional pumps were required for a raw sewer and stormwater treatment process. 

Just as urgently, the wastewater facility needed a solution for persistent clogging, caused by debris including clothing, shoes and cans, which affected the efficiency of the system, resulting in high maintenance and service costs. 

Beyond the KSB components supplied for this wastewater treatment project, the station operators relied on KSB’s expertise in diagnosing the cause of the clogging and delivering a plan to eliminate it.

The client:

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) represents Ohio’s largest district and operates three major wastewater treatment facilities around the city of Cleveland. The Sewer District serves one million customers and treats a total of 200 million gallons of wastewater every day – adding up to tens of billions of gallons each year. 

Through wastewater treatment, solutions to stormwater problems and environmental services, NEORSD works to reduce pollution and improve water quality, which naturally impacts quality of life for residents.

Pump number two of the KRT dry pit submersible pumps with D-Max non-clogging impellers, installed and operating efficiently.

NEORSD serves millions of residents in Cleveland and the Division Avenue pump station is critical to the ongoing treatment of wastewater.

The challenge:

Eliminate constant clogging without a massive redesign

Due to increased volume, the District Avenue station needed a capacity upgrade to improve stormwater management. However, the larger issue was clogging. Wastewater entering the facility was heavily laden with oversized solids and massive quantities of stringy material. The presence of solids was compounded by frequent deluges of debris-laden stormwater. When the heavy rains came, solids would regularly bypass the coarse screening and clog the pumps. Items discovered in the station’s pumps included clothing, wood, cans, and shoes. 

The pump station required an engineered solution to the challenging issue of constant clogging, which was also occurring due to certain aspects of the pump station’s design. As the original pump manufacturer, KSB was tasked with providing a solution that did not include major modifications to the historic pump station building.

The solution:

Extensive analyses and three Amarex KRT pumps with D-max impellers

Before selecting the pumps, due diligence was essential. KSB’s collaboration with NEORSD started with a system efficiency analysis. Prior to recommending a solution, a KSB process engineering expert from Halle, Germany, monitored the system and carried out an in-depth analysis to ensure every aspect of the station was considered.

Over the course of several months, KSB continued to monitor the pumps and carry out regular inspections to ensure the system operated efficiently, attending several meetings and site visits to fully understand the process.

KSB analysis included intensive pump inspections.

A KSB process engineering expert inspects a pump and its impeller during his analysis of the Cleveland plant.

For the long-term solution to the plant’s clogging issues, three new pumps were installed in a raw, untreated sewage application. All three were Amarex KRT submersible dry installed pumps. These pumps were provided as a custom-engineered prototype for the District Avenue Pump Station and its special challenges. They feature a unique non-clog,   semi-open, radial multi-vane impeller with hardened edges and an impeller plate including a D-flector component designed to ensure solids, rags and other materials are channeled into the impeller, for a smooth and efficient flow to the outlet.

Further recommendations from KSB to reduce clogging included replacing the screens in accordance with Hydraulic Institute (HI) recommendations and implementing measures to raise the water level and reduce instances of air intake. Strategic pump operating cycles were also recommended to deter the accumulation of solids and debris at the pump inlets and produce a regular ‘flushing’ effect.

After implementing the recommended changes to the process, pump sequencing, and installation of the custom-engineered KRT D-max pump type, instances of clogging became non-existent. The solution provided a marked improvement in reliability and efficiency, and the customer has been able to reduce maintenance and service costs considerably.

Westerly Pump Station on Division Avenue, housed in a historic brick building in downtown Cleveland.

NEORSD District Avenue pump station improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs after eliminating clogging issues.

Data | Facts | Figures

  • Plant: District Avenue Pump Station
  • Customer: Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
  • Application: Wastewater Treatment
  • Project year: 2019 to 2021
  • Products: Amarex KRT pumps with D-max impellers

Used products

Amarex KRT

Amarex KRT

Horizontale oder vertikale, einstufige Tauchmotorpumpe als Blockpumpenaggregat mit verschiedenen Laufradformen der nächsten Generation, in Nassaufstellung oder Trockenaufstellung, stationär oder transportabel mit Energiesparmotor und in explosionsgeschützter Ausführung erhältlich.

Used services

SES System Effizienz Service

System Effizienz Service

Pumpen, die nicht optimal auf die Anlage abgestimmt sind, verbrauchen zu viel Energie. Mit dem SES System Effizienz Service von KSB lässt sich das ändern.

  • Energieeffizienzanalyse
  • Schadensanalyse

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