Holistic Approach to Clogging

It is important to take a broad "systemic" approach to Conquering the Clog. It starts with a good design, and the pump and impeller must fit into that design parameter. When properly executed, it all works together with minimal need for maintenance or downtime.

Pump Station Design

While the increasing use of wipes is a challenge, different systems will handle this problem differently, and variable fluid content will influence performance. Engineering and planning of wastewater facilities requires knowing what kind of wastewater or sewage must be pumped for trouble-free performance and energy efficiency.

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KSB offers a highly specialized variety of technologies to assist in the control and monitoring of the wastewater treatment process. This can include Process Control Systems to monitor and optimize pumps, valves, flow rates and other critical information.

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Solids Separation

In all waste streams there are both solid and liquid components. To conquer the clog, the first step in the treatment process is to remove as much of the solid components as possible. This is done somewhat in sequence:

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The heartbeat of the hydraulic system is the pump and, more importantly, the impeller. The design and efficient operation of these critical components are essential for successful fluid flow throughout the plant. Once again, this is a systemic approach and all components must work together.

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Impeller Technologies

There are many types of impellers, just like there are many types of pumps. That can make the selection process complicated if you don't know what you need. Fortunately, KSB makes a wide variety of impellers, which can be utilized in the same pump with minor modifications to the volute.

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