Cutting vs. "Clean Transfer"

Amarex KRT with F-max Vortex Impeller

Inferior cutting impeller The Vortex principle keeps debris flowing through the large free passage. The KSB F-max impeller is not a wear part!

Transfer Fluid Materials... Not Problems

Some pump technologies have designed impellers to cut and chop the waste and move the smaller pieces downstream, simply transferring the problem. KSB handles the wastewater load without the energy-sucking chopping process.

The quality of the world’s sewage systems has been influenced in the past few years by four main factors:

1. Design of the system of pipes and valves

2. Design of the pump sump

3. Pump Operating Configuration

4. The pump itself—including impeller type and design

Side Effects of Cutter or Grinder Pumps in Large Collection Systems

  • The fouling process is more likely to begin in the pipework.
  • If raw sewage is ground or chopped in the early stages, the loads will consist of small parts and the total surface area will be much larger than before.
  • Fouling before treatment may greatly increase odor in the pipes and pumping stations.
  • Smaller substances are more likely to pass through screens.
  • The specific weight of the materials is not high enough for them to settle down later in the precipitation tank.
  • Any cutting, chopping or shearing process requires additional energy. Especially in pump models with retractable impellers, the reduction in efficiency is up to 25 percent.
  • Extending the clearance to pass the loads will impair the impeller blades’ efficiency.
  • Chopper pumps require additional motor energy reserves.
  • In operation, the shear process creates friction which wears down the pump. The additional energy travels from the edge of the blades and attacks the hydraulics.

Competitive Technology Cuts and Wears

The Vortex The inferior cutting impeller requires specially hardened materials due to the wear and tear on the parts.

FACT: The vast majority of operator call outs to pumping stations are a direct result of pump blockage.

“The Garbage Disposal method is becoming a thing of the past. I’m tired of unclogging pumps that are supposed to cut and grind.” - Operations Manager, Waste Treatment Plant, CA

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