Clogging - 21st Century Wastewater

More than ever before, flushable wipes and other debris are clogging pumps and systems in wastewater treatment applications. KSB has the solutions that will conquer the clog and keep the water flowing.

Today’s wastewater requires new thinking

KSB understands the dynamic challenges facing the industry, and KSB knows how to pump this new wastewater.

KSB: Unique product portfolio designed for today’s challenges

KSB’s German-engineered pumps have been specifically designed to solve the industry’s ever-changing challenges. Today’s next-generation KSB impellers have been proven to meet the challenging wastewater needs of the North American market. 

Wastewater 2.0: A Cultural Shift

Worldwide wastewater pumping stations that worked well in years past are now struggling because of new sewage handling challenges. The composition of today’s sewage is different due to an important trend: the prevalence of supposedly “flushable” wipes. 

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Cutting vs. Clean Transfer

Some pump technologies have designed impellers to cut up the waste and moves the smaller pieces downstream, simply transferring the problem. KSB handles the wastewater load without the energy-sucking chopping process.

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