Key dates and technical milestones - a success story

The experiences of yesterday are valuable. They make KSB successful today and strengthen the company for the challenges of tomorrow

  1. 1989


    1989 KSB introduces BOA-Compact, a shut-off globe valve with short face-to-face length.

  2. 1989

    1989 amri

    KSB buys the world’s second-largest butterfly valve manufacturer, Amri S.A., Paris, France.

  3. 1988

    1988 Exachem

    KSB launches Exachem, a hermetically sealed, explosion-proof canned motor pump for chemical applications.

  4. 1988

    1988 GIW

    Acquisition of GIW Industries, Inc., Grovetown, USA, marks KSB’s entry into the slurry pumps market.

  5. 1987

    1987 Etachrom

    Etachrom makes its market début - a standardized pump made of rolled chrome nickel steel.

  6. 1986

    1986 Pompes Guinard

    The leading French pump manufacturer, Paris-based Pompes Guinard S.A., joins the KSB Group.

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