Key dates and technical milestones - a success story

The experiences of yesterday are valuable. They make KSB successful today and strengthen the company for the challenges of tomorrow

  1. 1914

    Modular ring-section pumps yield superior efficiency. Pumps can be designed for various discharge pressures by appropriate combinations of stages.

  2. 1903

    1903 Kolbenpumpe

    KSB gradually expands its product range to include centrifugal pumps: high- and low-pressure boiler feed pumps, mine drainage pumps and oil / hydrocarbon transport pumps.

  3. 1896

    Great Britain becomes home to KSB’s first subsidiary outside Germany.

  4. 1890

    1890 UNA-Pumpen

    Production of UNA pumps is started. This steam- or belt-driven, double-acting plunger pump with just a single (lat. "una") gland packing is characterized by high reliability and a long service life.

  5. 1887

    1887 Johannes Klein

    KSB becomes a public limited company (“AG”), with Johannes Klein at its head.

  6. 1871

    1871 Patent

    Johannes Klein receives a patent on his newly-invented "boiler feed apparatus". Together with Friedrich Schanzlin and Jakob Becker, he founds the company "Frankenthaler Maschinen- & Armatur-Fabrik Klein, Schanzlin & Becker" to manufacture boiler feed equipment and valves.

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