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Press Release: Super Size Sewatec Wastewater Pumps

Now, in response to the worldwide trend towards larger wastewater treatment projects, KSB has extended its Sewatec pump series with fifteen new extra-large models.

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Press Release: Self-Cleaning Inserts for Wastewater Tanks

KSB’s new Amaclean circular-tank inserts are designed to reduce maintenance and cleaning requirements in wastewater facilities by minimizing solids build-up at the bottom of pumping tanks or sumps.

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Press Release: Taking Steps to Overcome Wastewater Pumping Challenges

A compelling article written by KSB’s Mehran Masoudi and published last year in Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Press Release: Water Workhorses: KSB Updates Amarex KRT Submersible Pumps

The new pumps are available with power ratings of up to 850 kW, the highest standard motor power in the industry.

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Press Release: KSB Valley Forge

The Valley Forge Sewer Authority system has pumped clog-free and maintenance-free for 14 years.

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Press Release: KSB F-max Impeller Combines Reliability and Efficiency

KSB, Inc.’s expertise in Conquering the Clog in wastewater pumping is enhanced with the U.S. launch of the state-of-the-art F-max impeller technology.

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Press Release: Sales Brochure Conquer the Clog

21st Century Wastewater Demands Next Generation Solutions 

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