Prefabricated Pumping Stations

Turnkey Pumping Stations from KSB provide you a robust lifting system tailor made to suit your project requirements.  Ideal for storm protection, golf courses, sewage stations, small compounds, new developments or resort communities. These engineered prefabricated stations can be designed for wet or dry installations. KSB pump stations are assembled with KSB submersible solids-handling pumps along with all required features and controlling tools to meet your exact site requirements.

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Turnkey Pumping Stations from KSB meet all process, safety and environmental requirements.

  • Fully integrated multi-purpose pump station control system with complete CSA approved hardware and software for customizing all pump station processes and working cycles.
  • Automatic programmable flushing and mixing system.
  • Pump safety monitoring system may include motor winding and bearings temperature sensors, vibration sensor, mechanical seal leakage switch, and motor compartment humidity sensor which all help safeguard your investment.
  • Automatic self-cleaning program to maintain smooth operation.
  • Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) or precast concrete station chamber offers excellent corrosion and wear resistance to a variety of fluidic systems. Designed to withstand uplift buoyant force caused by high ground-water levels.
  • Guide wire / bar retriever system makes pump installation and removal an easy and safe task.
  • Package FRP, PVC or stainless steel piping complete with valves, supports and access platforms.
  • Exhaust air, ventilation package and heating system.
  • Special dry well design with duplex or triplex arrangement and automatic drainage system.
  • Training and site supervision by KSB factory trained technicians.

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Prefabricated Lifting Station Brochure

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