KSB offers a highly specialized variety of technologies to assist in the control and monitoring of the wastewater treatment process. This can include Process Control Systems to monitor and optimize pumps, valves, flow rates, and other critical information.

VFDs For Sewage Transport

Just 20 years ago, many professionals did not consider using variable frequency drives (VFDs) in wastewater applications. Frequency converters were relatively expensive, and experience using them with the special conditions and requirements in wastewater was limited.

Today, VFDs are often used in sewage transport. With correct usage and detailed knowledge, VFDs can support trouble-free operation, but they also can disturb proper functioning of a well-designed pumping station.

Because of the increase in wipe usage and the new challenges in sewage, it is even more important to consider the right exertion. Since 2010, there have been reports on the usage of VFDs and backward operation as a de-ragging method. In some cases it makes sense to use these tools, but engineers should be aware of the limitations.

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