Ragging & Clogging

A Cultural Shift

Conquering the Clog: A Systems Approach

Worldwide wastewater pumping stations that worked well in years past are now struggling because of new sewage handling challenges. The composition of today’s sewage is different due to an important trend: the prevalence of supposedly “flushable” wipes. Plastic bags, hygienic articles and, in extreme cases, even car tires are found in sewer systems that were not designed to handle the extended load these items place on the system.

At the same time, the global pump industry is moving steadily toward a sustainable environment that requires low energy consumption and high efficiency for all energy-relevant machines and processes. 

Wastewater 2.0 Cultural Shift

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KSB Pump Impeller Technology

KSB Amarex KRT pump impeller technology eliminates ragging and clogging issues at wastewater treatment plants.