To better serve our customers KSB has five sales offices and two service centres throughout Canada. Together we bring in depth knowledge and expertise in centrifugal pump and valve technology with cutting edge designs for optimum reliability and maximized performance to the water and wastewater, power generation, mining, and general industry markets.

Head Office (map)

KSB Pumps, Inc.
5205 Tomken Road
Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 3N8
Tel.: (905) 568-9200
Fax: (905) 568-3740
Email: info@ksbcanada.com

Calgary Branch (map)

KSB Pumps, Inc.
3015-12th Street, N.E., Suite 180
Calgary, Alberta, T2E 7J2
Tel.: (403) 532-4652
Fax: (403) 532-4651
E-mail: KHeydari@ksbcanada.com


Edmonton Branch (map)

KSB Pumps, Inc.
7127-68th Ave. N.W.
Edmonton, Alberta T6B 3T6
Tel.: (780) 485-2420
Fax: (780) 463-5075
E-mail: info@ksbcanada.com


Montreal Branch (map)

KSB Pumps, Inc.
1200 Rue Bergar
Laval, Quebec H7L 5A2
Tel.: (514) 631-2355
Fax: (514) 631-7874
E-mail: MMouhli@ksbcanada.com


Atlantic Branch (map)

KSB Pumps, Inc.
2284 Shepody Road
Little Salmon River West, NB, E4E 5R6
Tel.: (506) 432-9044
E-mail: KMitton@ksbcanada.com

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