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KSB Pumps Inc., based in Mississauga Ontario, is a member of the KSB Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pumps, valves and related systems. With a company history that dates back to 1871 in Germany, KSB is one of the most experienced pump manufacturers worldwide.  Since 1989, KSB Canada has provided Canadian municipal and industrial customers with access to the company’s giant product portfolio and the unparalleled expertise of the 147-year-old pump-maker.

KSB Canada has specialized in providing reliable pump solutions for the most challenging applications in water and waste water facilities, industrial and utility power plants, processing industries and mines. "Many of our installations in Canada are based on highly-engineered large-scale pump systems," points out Michael Blundell, President and CEO for KSB Pumps Inc. "By offering both specialized made-to-order solutions and a large portfolio of versatile off-the-shelf products, we can offer our customers exactly what they need, at competitive prices."

KSB Pumps Inc., based in Mississauga Ontario

In the beginning:

It all started back in the 1960s - before KSB opened its own offices in Canada - with rugged boiler feed pumps supplied to many pulp and paper mills in Western Canada by Inproheat, a regional distributor. Even today, more than 50 cogeneration plants in this industry rely on the unsurpassed day-to-day performance of these efficient, low-maintenance veterans.

A large-scale success:

Since these beginnings, KSB pumps have been used in a wide range of applications. One of the largest pumps ever deployed in Canada is a 38 tonne high-capacity water transport pump installed in the City of Montreal’s main water treatment plant. This giant pump, powered by a 5,500 HP motor, joined five other large KSB pumps that have been in continuous service at the same plant for more than two decades.

Energy for the future:

Among the latest Canadian success stories are rugged pumps used in Alberta’s giant oilsands that will provide the energy-hungry world with fuel for decades to come. KSB Pumps’ contribution has included powerful boiler feed pumps used to provide high-pressure steam for the in-situ extraction of bitumen from underground deposits and high-capacity water transport pumps. KSB Pumps sister company, GIW Industries has supplied heavy-duty slurry pumps that are used to move highly abrasive water/sand/bitumen mixtures through the refinement process.

KSB across Canada:

To serve Canada's vast landscape, KSB Pumps Inc. has created a network with regional sales partners and qualified distributors coast-to-coast – in addition to regional KSB sales offices in Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Atlantic Canada. As well, KSB Canada operates a fully equipped service facility in its Mississauga 21,000 square foot head office.

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