Modular drive system Wave3 Adv.

The modular structure of Wave3 Adv. makes the machine versatile and compact, reducing the size up to 60% compared to traditional systems.

Wave3 Adv. is the ideal drive for the control of multimotor and multiaxis machines. It provides many benefits to end-users, such as energy recycling between motors absorbing and motors in recovery, thus optimizing energy consumption

Its modular structure makes the system composition very flexible:

The Supply  unit (converter section) controls both the inner structure and the entire electrical equipment thanks to the machine´s built-in firmware automation. Our drive system can manage remote I/Os that belong to the same communication loop and further expand  the system to encompass the machine's most remote components. "Macros" are available - such as the microinterruption or mains-drop management (autosupplied converters by using the machine's kinetic energy, with synchronous control of the motors until they stop).

The Power  unit (inverter section) drives the associated motors. A broad variety of layouts is available, from the basic modular “tunnel” (a single column of drive units) to "D Power" (Double Power) modules, with two inverter modules inside the same case.  The Power unit section is available in a wide range of sizes and can implement several controls (for PM Brushless motors, asynchronous motors, or synchronous reluctance motors).

Benefits of the REEL modular drive:

  • Versatility: the drive can control any electrical motor -asynchronous motors, PM brushless motors, synchronous reluctance motors (SSP, REEL SuPremE)
  • More compact machinery
  • Simpler servicing
  • Energy saving thanks to energy recycling
  • Managed synchronized stop of motors in case of mains failure
  • Built-in PLC to manage the entire machine automation

Download the product documentation of REEL modular drive

Modular inverters for flexible drive systems.

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