REEL SuPremE® motor: Premium IE5/IE4 efficiency without magnets

The SuPremE motor is the synchronous reluctance motor with IE5* efficiency built without magnets or rare earths.

The REEL SuPremE® drive system is the most eco-sustainable solution for energy-saving issues in industrial applications. The incredibly efficient interaction of the SuPremE IE5 motor with REEL frequency converters offers a system of unparalleled efficiency.

The ability to maintain efficiency even when running at partial load makes the REEL SuPremE® drive system the ideal solution for all those applications that do not require the constant use of the motor’s rated power, and that need to save energy to comply with demanding industry regulations, while at the same time improving the value and the quality of the system.

The design of the REEL SuPremE® motor stator is equivalent to that of a 4-pole asynchronous motor.

The robustness of this construction has been confirmed in thousands of applications. In combination with REEL inverters, REEL SuPremE® motors usually achieve energy savings of 30%.

Compared to traditional asynchronous, inverter-controlled IE3 motors, REEL SuPremE® achieves greatest efficiency gains in the part-load range.

Major benefits of REEL SuPremE® motors:

  • Premium Efficiency: Energy savings up to 30% 
  • Far ahead of its time: The motor meets tomorrow’s IE5* efficiency  (according to IEC/CD 60034-30-2 up to 15/18.5 kW - only for motors at 1500rpm for powers 0.55kW, 0.75kW, 2.2kW, 3kW, 4kW: IE5 in preparation).
  • Sustainable: Built completely without magnetic materials, its total environmental footprint is significantly smaller than that of permanent-magnet synchronous and asynchronous motors.
  • Robust: The use of non-critical, durable materials, as well as the fully matured reluctance principle make the SuPremE motor a durable, reliable drive that is in no way inferior to other types of drive.
  • Compatible: Wherever there is room for an asynchronous motor, a SuPremE motor with identical connecting dimensions can also get the work done efficiently.