Products and Control Solutions "Industry 4.0 Ready"

Digitalisation and intelligent networking make systems operate more flexibly, more efficiently and more repliably.

Increase your productivity with the pioneering solutions for Industry 4.0.

The fourth industrial revolution entails a profound change in industrial value creation. With the advent of the Internet of Things and Services, the mechanical, electric and electronic transformation of industry is now being followed by comprehensive digital networking: Industry 4.0.
This combines real-world production and digital processes to create cyber-physical systems. In the Industry 4.0 vision, these encompass the entire system and all processes – also referred to as a smart factory.

REEL is your ideal partner on your way to Economy 4.0: we offer you Industry 4.0 Ready solutions of the future today – in the form of smart control solutions.

REEL offers speed regulators, drives, high efficiency electrical motors, electrical cabinets and personalised control solutions "Industry 4.0 Ready".

Contact us for a consultancy free of charge! We will identify the ideal drive system solution for your specific application. 

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