REEL values

REEL stands for quality, passion, excellence and flexibility.

REEL values Quality:

  • State-of-the-art products.
  • Comprehensive testing to assure reliability and long service life.
  • Superior value for money.
  • Ability to adapt product generation processes.

REELvalues Passion:

  • Qualified and committed co-workers.
  • Intense collaboration with universities and institutes.
  • Global awareness, cultural sensitivity and environmental concern.
  • Ethical behavior and corporate social responsibility.
  • A consultative, collegial approach to customer relations.

REEL values Excellence:

  • Sustained technology sector leadership.
  • Constant improvements to maintain benchmark energy efficiency.
  • Specialized R&D focus on product compactness.
  • Holistic competence in mechatronics for better integrated solutions.
  • Individualized solutions to meet specific needs.

REELvalues Flexibility:

  • Tailor-made product solutions, even for small orders.
  • Established protocols reduce time-to-prototype.
  • Expert software & hardware customization.
  • Mix-and-match modularity.
  • Technological openness to any application.
  • Simple solutions to meet complex customer needs.