A tradition of innovation

REEL: continuous innovation keeping tradition at the core of our success.

From the beginning to the latest products: REEL's news and milestones at a glance.

  1. KSB acquires 100% of REEL shares.

    REEL becomes a wholly owne subsidiary of KSB Group.

  2. REEL merges with ITACO

    REEL merges with ITACO – the new company is called REEL.

  3. REEL - A KSB Company

    REEL - A KSB Company_original

    KSB acquires 80% of ITACO shares.

  4. REEL SuPremE® Motor


    Official presentation of REEL SuPremE® motor. The Super Premium Efficiency motor optimizes SSP motor technology in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

  5. Onda Energy

    Onda Energy_original

    Development of ONDA Energy: REEL launches an ultra-compact high-power inverter for energy conversion from renewable sources.

  6. PumpDrive


    REEL and KSB join forces to develop PumpDrive, the first inverter without electrolytic capacitors.

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