From competence to custom solutions

We fulfill our customers’ needs.

REEL constructs complete solutions. Therefore, our product range covers all major industrial applications requiring speed regulation for electric motors.

REEL systems are known for their compactness, versatility, value for money, built-in serial communication and wide variety of options.

We develop, manufacture and distribute high-technology top-quality drives and inverters, with a broad product portfolio in these key application areas:

  • Renewable energy
  • Industrial automation
  • Cooling & Refrigeration

In these and other industries, REEL is specialized in producing inverters without power electrolytic capacitors for higher MTBF and improved reliability.

Renewable energy
At REEL the drive for the future is already here. We supply up to 2.5-MW drives to photovoltaic, hydroelectric and wind-turbine enterprises for energy-generation applications.

Industrial automation
For businesses in the motion-control industry, REEL supplies the REEL SSP synchronous reluctance motor for perfect torque control and positioning without encoders as well as stand-alone and modular drive systems.

Cooling & Refrigeration
REEL facilitates chill with compact inverters and gas-cooled drives integrated into the compressors and with the high-efficiency magnet-free REEL SuPremE® synchronous reluctance motors!

Maggiori informazioni sulle nostre applicazioni:

energy conversion_Tea_original

Energy conversion

Efficiency, quality and technological innovation for renewable energy.

Energy conversion to Energy conversion
Industrial automation_pic

Tailor-made solutions for industrial automation

REEL offers customized solutions using inverters and synchronous reluctance motors for more efficient and reliable plants.

Industrial automation to Tailor-made solutions for industrial automation
Cooling and Refrigeration_tea_original

Cooling and Refrigeration

High efficiency and innovation for compressors, fans and chillers.

Cooling and Refrigeration to Cooling and Refrigeration
Air compression_tea_original

Air compression

The ICE inverter and high-efficiency REEL SuPremE® motor maximize the efficiency in air-compression systems.

Air compression to Air compression
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