Tomorrow: It’s why we grow sustainably

KSB has been an independent company ever since it was established in 1871. Our corporate strategy aims to maintain that independence, achieve success, and build on it sustainably.

We’ve set ourselves the following tasks:

  • Outperfom competitors in the eyes of our customers
  • Secure a leading position in attractive markets 
  • Grow profitably and sustainably to ensure our long-term future

Long-term planning for success 

Success tomorrow means planning and commitment today. But to achieve our goals, we also want to stay flexible. That way, we can respond to market changes and adapt our strategic projects as required. Turning our corporate strategy into business success requires highly motivated employees with a clear sense of direction. Their shared values and behaviours shape the way they act and interact with each other, and with customers and partners. Our company culture is based on trust, honesty, responsibility, professionalism and appreciation.

Its ownership structure is an important guarantee of the KSB Group’s capacity to independently determine its own development. 84 % of the ordinary shares of the listed company KSB SE & Co. KGaA are held by the company Johannes und Jacob Klein GmbH. This company’s shares are almost entirely owned by the non-profit KSB Stiftung [KSB Foundation]. Established by descendants of the company’s founders, this non-profit organisation is devoted to promoting science and supporting the development of young scientists.