Module 4: Modeling

Objective: To explore the results of the FIPR funded slurry tests and introduce the FIPR models spreadsheet

Session A: FIPR Funded Tests Data Analysis & Findings          
17 minutes - L. Whitlock/ A. Sellgren

  • Description of FIPR funded tests
  • Description of data analysis and findings                                                 

Session B: Working Session Part 1: Introduction to the Spreadsheet  
33 minutes - R. Visintainer

  • Description of different clay, tailings and matrix models
  • Spreadsheet and how to use

Session C: Working Session Part II: Advance Use      
23 minutes - R. Visintainer

  • Working session demonstrating and using spreadsheet
  • Customizing the spreadsheet

Session D: Pit Production Limitations
10 minutes - G. Addie

  • Pit production limitations, water usage, pipeline optimization and opportunities
  • Slurry pump costs and potential savings